When and why is World Pi Day 2023 celebrated: Facts about World Pie (π) Day

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World Pi Day 2023 -:

Friends, whenever we have studied mathematics, we have solved many mathematical problems with the help of PI after a while. As we know the value of PI is 3.14. But do you know that PI Day is also celebrated all over the world, and is called World PI Day?

This is a very strange reason behind celebrating PI Day, which we will tell you today. Pl day is also celebrated as International Mathematics Day. Pi Day is also known as the International Day of Mathematics. Which is celebrated in November 2019.

Albert Einstein’s birthday comes on Pl Day and the death anniversary of great physicist Stephen Hawking also comes. Which makes this day more special.

United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization i.e. UNESCO in its 40th General Conference had decided to celebrate PI as an International Day. July 22 and June 28 were also scheduled for PI. We will also tell you the reason behind this.

When and why is World Pi Day celebrated?

Friends, as we know the value of PI is 3.14, however, its full value is very long, which comes out to be 3.14285714286… Now if we see a larger value of this, it is 3.14. You will be surprised to know that PI Day is celebrated all over the world on March 14. That is, PI Day is celebrated on the 14th of the third month of the year.

However, another date was also suggested for this, which was 22 July. Means the seventh month / 22nd. Apart from this, its date was also fixed on June 28, which is the value of 2Pi. The value of PI is 3.14 and the value of 2Pi is 6.28, which means that it could be decided to consider International Pl Day on the 6th month/28th.

In the 40th meeting of UNESCO on 14th March, the date of Pl Day i.e. 14th March was fixed.

Pl (π) Day How is Pi Day celebrated? (World Pi Day Celebrations) -:

Celebrating PI Day is not very difficult. To celebrate Pl Day, you can use different types of circular or circular food items and if you want, you can use Pie made of fruits. Today, PI Day is celebrated all over the world.

And to get more information about it, you can also know from NASA’s website, how NASA celebrates Pl Day.

You can celebrate Pl Day by eating different types of sweet pies. When PI Day was celebrated for the first time, it was not made for Mathematics Content. It made for a delicious pie. So you can celebrate Pl Day by eating delicious Sweet Pie.

Uses of Pi (π) -:

PI is basically used to find the area of a circle and the length of its circumference. We mostly see the use of Pi in our school and college education where Pi is used to find the area of a circular object.

In general, a circle or a circle is the most common element of nature. We often see cycles created by nature. That’s why it becomes difficult many times to find the area of a circle or to know about it. Using PI for this is very effective. With its help, we can find the area of any large circle in a few seconds.

Discovery of Pi (π) and its history (History and Facts about World Pie (π) Day) -:

Pl Day was first discovered in 1988 by Larry Shaw at the San Francisco Exploratorium. This was the place where Lahiri Shaw worked as a physicist. There Pl Day was not celebrated for any mathematical constant, rather it was celebrated for the PI of the fruit.

Aryabhata calculated pi in the fifth century itself. According to Indian educationists and scholars, a detailed description of the method of calculating pi is found in the verses of the great mathematician Aryabhatta.

Aryabhatta had explained the use of PI through a verse, and that verse was ‘Chaturadhikam Shatamashtagunam Dvashashtisthatha Sahasranam’. Ayutdvayasya Vishkambhasyasanno Vrittaparinah: ॥’ Was .

Also, Williams Jones told about it in 1706 in the most modern era.

  • It is also said that Greek scientist Archimedes discovered Pi around 287 BC. But many people believe that Aryabhata found out the approximate value of pi in the 5th century.
  • On March 12, 2009, the US House of Representatives passed a Non-Binding Resolution, under which March 14, 2009, was declared International Pl Day for the first time.
  • Later in 2010, Google made Google Doodle for PI Day for the first time.
  • It is said that the whole month of March is called PI Month but March 14 is also called Super Pl Day.
  • Regarding the history of PI, it is also said that it is being talked about for 4000 years and its discovery was done 4000 years ago.
  • Ancient Babylonians are mentioned in the construction of PI.
  • At that time the value of PI was kept at 3.125.
  • This PI was discovered by the ancient Egyptians.
  • It is said that with the help of 3.1605, the Egyptians were able to find the area of a circle.

Pi day Interesting Facts -:

  • PI has been used for 250+ years.
  • The exact value of PI has never been ascertained. So we can also say that the area of a circle and the circumference of a circle can never be found out exactly.
  • David Spergel, chairman of Princeton University, told that the earth is not round but oval, it was known because of PI.
  • Pl day is celebrated on 14th March but it is basically celebrated at 1:59:29 time, and the reason for this is that 15926 is the number next to Pi and their whole number is 3.1415926.
  • On March 14, Albert Einstein was born and Stephen Hawking died.
  • PI can be extended to an infinite number of numbers after the decimal point.
  • By using PI, Aryabhata told the world that the earth is spherical.
  • The reason for celebrating Pl Day on 14th March is its category. The value of PI is 3.14, and its pi day is similar to the date and month, 14 digits come on the 14th and March has 3 so the value of 3.14PI is that’s why Pl Day is celebrated on the 14th of March.
  • A new language has been created for Pi called Pilish.
  • The value of PI is a number going to infinity and finding its ending is a waste of time.
  • Once a scientist took the challenge of finding the value of PI. This is in 2017, and the scientist was so excited that he discovered 22 trillion digits while searching for the value of PI.

Conclusion -:

So in today’s article, we learned what is World PI Day, and when and why is PI Day celebrated, apart from this we also learned how Pl Day is made. Along with this, we got all the information about the history of PI from the use of PI. In the end, we tell you some interesting facts related to PI. We hope that you have got all the information about World PI Day.

FAQs -:

Q. Which great scientist has his birthday on Pi Day?

Ans -: Albert Einstein was born on 14 March 1879.

Q. What is the time to celebrate Pi Day?

Ans -: Pi Day is celebrated at 1:59:29.

Q. When does Pi (π) World Pi Day come?

Ans -: World Pie Day falls on the 14th day of the third month of the year, which is March 14th. It also actually represents the value 3-14 of pi.

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