When will PUBG return to India?

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PUBG Game is very popular not only in India but in the whole world, so there will hardly be anyone who does not know about PUBG, but the question is who is the owner of PUBG Game and to which country it belongs.

Because of the India-China dispute, many Chinese apps have been banned in India, one of which was PUBG Game, which was used by crores of people in India, so they were also very disappointed.

But now it is being speculated that PUBG Game is going to come again in India soon, although a game like PUBG will be launched soon by an Indian company whose name will be FAUG.

Although there can be many reasons for the ban of PUBG, one of the main reasons was its relation with China, due to which it was banned, so let’s know who is the owner of PUBG Game and whether it belongs to any country.

When will PUBG return to India?

The main reason for the ban of PUBG games in India was the partnership of Chinese companies in it, but now in view of this attitude of India, PUBG Game has taken away the responsibility of India from Chinese company Tencent Game.

Told them that they take full responsibility for PUBG in India and will provide more great experiences to their fans in the coming time, although it is the developer and publisher of PUBG PC, PUBG PS4, and PUBG Xbox, PUBG Mobile, and PUBG Mobile Lite Corporation and Tencent Games have prepared together.

But you have taken over the operations of PUBG from Tencent Games, after which now PUBG is going to return to India once again because now it is the only South Korean video game company, it is estimated that at the end of this year, it will again PUBG Game is going to come back in India on Diwali.

Who is the owner of the PUBG Game?

PUBG Full Form i.e. its full name is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds which was launched on 20 December 2017 and was initially made only for computers and Xbox.

The name of the creator of PUBG was Brendan Greene, who was from Ireland and he made this game along with the team because its creator himself was fond of playing battle royale and shooting games, so that he could make such a great game.

DeveloperPUBG Corporation
PublisherPUBG Corporation
DirectorBrendan Greene & Jang Tae-Seok
ProducerKim Chang-han
DesignerBrendan Greene
Release20 December 2017
PlatformMicrosoft Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Stadia

That’s why Brandon Green, the creator of PUBG, is considered the owner of PUBG Game or you can call him the designer and director of PUBG, who worked in Sony company for games like “Arm 3 and King and The Kill” before PUBG game. Did.

Looking at his excellent work and creativity, South Korean company Bluhole approached him to make PUBG Game, after which Brendan Greene and LightSpeed & Quantum, together with Bluhole and PUBG Corporation, made PUBG Game.

In this way, Brendan Greene worked as a designer and director to make PUBG, whose producer was Chang Han Kim, who spent money to make Pubg Game and PUBG Game was made by a South Korean company.

Which country does PUBG Game belong to?

PubG is made by South Korean company Bluhole Software Company, so how does this game become a Chinese game and why is it banned in India?

Actually, the PUBG game was initially made only for computers and Xbox and as soon as it came onto the market, its popularity increased rapidly and millions of people around the world started playing PUBG.

Seeing its popularity, the company then decided to launch PUBG in the mobile version, and then the name of the Chinese company was associated with this game because the Chinese company Tencent Games partnered to make PUBG Mobile.

Those who created the PUBG Mobile Game and after its launch, the popularity of PUBG started increasing twice as fast today almost everyone has a smartphone in India, then the craze of PUBG Game kept increasing among those who are fond of playing the game.

Therefore, a huge user base of PUBG was created in India, but now its name was associated with the Chinese company and it was growing rapidly, but due to the Indo-China dispute, it was banned and even today PUBG Game India I am banned

Why was the PUBG Game banned?

Disputes between India and China have been going on, but this time the India-China dispute has become very strong, due to which more than 275 apps have been banned in India, including big names from Tiktok and PubG.

Due to the India-China dispute, many campaigns have also started across the country not to use Chinese products, because today is the era of digital and most of the apps present in our mobile are from China, which cannot use the user’s data in a wrong way. That’s why many Chinese apps were banned in India one after the other.

Because there is a partnership with a Chinese company in Pubg Mobile game also, that’s why Pubg was banned in India and the dispute between India and China remains the same even today, so Pubg Mobile is banned in India.

So friends, now you must have come to know who is the owner of the PUBG Game and which country PUBG belongs to, as well as when PUBG is going to come to India, about which we have told you in detail.

We hope that you would have got help by reading this article and you would have liked our article, then if you like our article, then definitely share it with all your friends playing Pubg, in which all this information has been given.

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