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What is Mi Drop | How does Mi Drop work | How to share files with Mi Drop | What is the specialty of Mi Drop | Mi Drop Application Details | Mi Drop Features

What is Mi Drop?

Xiaomi has become a well-known brand and many of us have Xiaomi TVs, laptops, brush headphones, or mobiles in our homes. Xiaomi is a big tech company that manufactures different types of electronic devices. In most of the smartphones made by Xiaomi, a default application named Mi Drop is given, about which many people are not aware.

If you want to know what is Mi Drop? What Is Mi Drop In Hindi then you are at the right place. Through this post, you will be able to get all the information related to AMI Drop.

Define Mi Drop -:

Xiaomi is a tech company that manufactures smartphones as well as other devices and applications. Mi Drop is an Android application created by Xiaomi which is currently known as Share Mi.

This application can be installed and used on most Android mobiles. This app is an easy-to-use app with the help of which different types of files can be sent from one device to another.

How does Mi Drop work?

Mi Drop is a file-sending and receiving software whose job is to send files from one device to another. There are send and receive options on Mi Drop with the help of which this application can be used.

This application can easily send videos, photos, apps, music, and all kinds of other files. In this app, the option of share to p and web share has also been given, which is used to send files from a mobile to a computer. ,

In Mi Drop, Wi-Fi Direct technology is used to send files or everything from one device to another.

How to share files with Mi Drop?

Many times we have to share files from one mobile to another mobile or computer, for this, some people use Bluetooth or data cable but using Mi Drop you can easily send files from one device to another.

If you want to share files from one device to another using Mi Drop, then for this you have to follow the steps given below –

  • Step 1 -: First of all you have to install Mi Drop on your Android or Windows device. If you are an Android user, you can install this app by clicking here, whereas if you are a Windows user, you can click here.
  • Step 2 -: After installation open this application and select your device name and icon.
  • Step 3 -: After this, you have to allow all the necessary permissions in this application.
  • Step 4 -: Send or Receive

After this, if you want to send the file, then you can click on the send option.

If you want to receive the file, click on the Receive button.

  • Step 5 -: Select the type of file you want to send and click on send button.
  • Step 6 -: Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as per the application and click on the name of the receiver.

What is the specialty of Mi Drop?

Mi Drop application is one such application that comes with a lot of features. This application comes with the following features –

  • Low Size -: This is a low size app used for file transfer, which can be easily run on Xiaomi as well as all other Android mobiles.
  • Easy User Interface -: This app is a user-friendly app according to most users this application is very easy to use.
  • History option -: This app is an app in which a history option is also available, with the help of this option you can know whether someone has sent any data from your mobile to any other mobile or device.

Mi Drop Application Details -:

Mi Drop is a great application, the details of this application are given below -:

NameMi Drop or ShareMe
Release Date7 Nov 2017
Package NameCom.Xiaomi.Midrop

Mi Drop Features -:

  • Share files without the internet
  • Transfer files between Android devices
  • Intuitive and user-friendly UI
  • Resume paused or stuck transfers
  • Simple UI Easy to use

Conclusion -:

This post is a special post through which we have given information about Mi Drop in simple language, I hope you have understood what is Mi Drop, how it works, the details of this app, and some other points. If you want to tell us your thoughts related to this post, then definitely tell us by commenting.

FAQs -:

Q: Can I use Mi Drop in Samsung?

Ans: Many Samsung smartphone users have a question in their mind that can Mi Drop be used in Samsung, if you are a Samsung smartphone user, then it is important to know that most Samsung smartphones are based on the Android operating system. Comes with and Mi Drop that can be used in them.

Q: Which country’s app is Mi Drop?

Ans: Mi Drop is an app made by Xiaomi and Xiaomi is a Chinese company. It can be said that this application is also an app from China. This app is a Chinese app but it can be used in India and other countries.

Q: Which are the applications like Mi Drop?

Ans: For file transfer in Android mobile, along with Mi Drop, there are many other applications that can be used to transfer files, some of them are as follows –
1). ShareKaro
2). Any share
3). Share
4). InShare
5). Zapaya

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