Top 12 Online Courses in 2023

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Microsoft Excel Course -:

A Software that will be useful to you forever. If you know how to use Microsoft Excel, you will know a lot of things, whether it is making business plans, planning your financials, doing your budgeting, or some office project, whatever the case.


Web Development Course -:

The way to interact with machines, the way to build software, is a very important life skill and This online course which has been taken by 4 lakh students on the complete guide to web development is my recommendation for that.


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Digital Marketing Course -:

12 courses in 1. Around 6 lakh students have taken this course and Digital Marketing, whether it is advertising on Facebook, Google, Instagram, or many other platforms, it's an important life skill because we all spend time on digital platforms


Stock Trading Course -:

Many complexities, such as How to Pick a Stock, are involved in stock trading and investing, which I have discussed at length. What constitutes its foundation? What ratios need to be checked? Which financial indicators should be reviewed? In order to fully understand stock trading, this course, which has been taken by approximately 1.25 lakh students, delves into every last detail.


Data Science Course -:

This course lasts for around 29 hours and almost 4 lakh students have already taken it basically, it is your deep-dive introduction to data science. Perhaps, data is now more valuable than oil in this world, like they say, Data is now more precious than oil.


Crypto & Bitcoin Trading Course -:

We have spoken a lot about crypto and I get a lot of questions, Which coin should we buy? Which coin to evaluate? It is not like stocks, it would have a ratio or fundamental, So it almost seems like it without a foundation.


Meditation Course -:

Now, a soft skill that I think is very important for anyone in their 20s and that is meditation. So this online course, Meditation and the evolution of consciousness is my recommendation. It is almost 7 hours, so not a lot but it will be your introduction to how do you get started on meditation.


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