Know why World Pie Day is celebrated 

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Pi is a constant. Pi represents the mathematical ratio of the length of a circle's circumference to its diameter. The value of Pi is 22/7 i.e. 3.14159 shown to five decimal places. 

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When was Pi discovered? 

Some scholars believe that Aryabhata, the great Indian mathematician, and discoverer of zero, guessed pi in the 5th century. He tried to calculate the distance between the earth and the sky. 


Important facts about Pi -: 

The birth anniversary of a great scientist, Albert Einstein, is celebrated on 14 March.  &  The value of (pi) is a never-ending random pattern after the decimal point that can be drawn after 3.1415926535897932384626433… to 00 (Infinity). 


The value of Pi is 22/7. It is an irrational number whose decimal value is 3.14. The value of pi is 3.1415926 with seven digits after the decimal point. Which shows the month, date, and time. March 14 (3), refers to 1:59:: 26. 

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Uses of Pi -: 

The size of the pyramid -: Pi was used earlier to calculate the size of the pyramid, and it is still used today. 


The shape of the Earth -: Due to Pi, the illusion that the Earth is not round was dispelled. The shape of the Earth is not round but Geoid (neither round nor oval). 

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why World Pie Day is celebrated ?

International or World Pi Day is celebrated every year on 14 March. This day is also the birth anniversary of Albert Einstein and the death anniversary of Steven Hawking. And on March 14, World Mathematics Day is celebrated. 


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