Happy Independence Day Mauritius 2023

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Mauritius (English: Mauritius) is a country with the Blue Sea and White Sea coasts. It is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, for which Mark Twain said that- "God first made Mauritius and then made heaven out of it." 

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Mauritius Independence History  -:

Satish Kaushik is a famous Indian actor and film producer who is famous among both children and adults. She is famous for her role as 'Calendar' in Anil Kapoor's blockbuster film 'Mr. India'.  


Mauritius Sightseeing -: 

The white beaches spread far and wide make Mauritius dreamy. Its glistening white sand beaches are a paradise for those who want to enjoy the sea or just soak up the sun. The island is dotted with large public beaches providing endless possibilities for relaxing during the week and ample opportunities to socialize with the locals on the weekends. 


Mauritius Nearby -: 

Climb La Pur or 'The Thumb', at 812 meters, for stunning 360-degree views of Port Louis and the north. It is an easy two-hour trek from La Laura village and another 2 hours to reach Port Louis. You can go by bike, horse, or four-wheel drive to the Mocca Moutain where the 1500-hectare Nature Park of Domaine Pelléas is located.  


Mauritius Traffic and Transport -: 

There are Air Mauritius flights to Mauritius from Mumbai, Chennai, and Delhi which operate 4 times a week from Mumbai, 1 time from Chennai, and 2 times from Delhi. Sir Seebsagar Ramgoolam Airport, commonly known as Plaisance Airport, is 48 km from Port Louis. is in the southeast. 


Mauritius Geographical Conditions -: 

Mauritius is blessed with a mild, tropical climate throughout the year. There are no seasonal changes or variations in temperature. Mauritius has pleasant sunny weather. This beautiful country has two seasons, hot summer from November to April and dry and cold winter from June to September.  


Mauritius Culture -: 

Mauritius is also known for its delicious food, which is a fusion of Indian, Chinese, Creole, and European cuisines. Rum is produced on a large scale on this island. In 1638 AD, Dutch people first introduced sugarcane to Mauritius 


Hindu influence on politics and society -: 

About 52 percent of the population of Mauritius is Hindu. Highest in the continent of Africa. Obviously, they will have primacy over local politics, society, and culture. A kind of renaissance is going on in Mauritius at the level of religious faith, behind which is hidden the hard work of many Hindu organizations for decades. 


Mauritius Ramayana Center -: 

The Parliament of Mauritius enacted a law in 2001 to establish the 'Ramayana Centre', which has now become an international center for Hinduism and Ramayana studies. In the Parliament of Mauritius, people of other sects including Muslims, and Christians supported the proposal to build a Ramayana Center from Eksur.  


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