Warren Buffet calls AI an atomic bomb and says it can change the world

Warren Buffet calls AI an atomic bomb -:

Warren Buffett: Recently Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, in his statement compared Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the creation of Atom Bomb. Warren Buffet talked about the rapid growth of AI technology and how AI technology can change the world at the company’s annual meeting. Have expressed concern about this.

Warren Buffet, CEO of US-based multinational company Berkshire Hathaway, has claimed that AI can change everything in the world except the way we think and behave.

They believe that AI has its limits, such as its inability to tell a joke. However, he has acknowledged the ability of AI to do all kinds of work and has expressed concern about it. He told that he got a chance to use Chat GPT with the help of Bill Gates.

According to Buffet, a comparison of AI with the atomic bomb is necessary. He has also been an opponent of SD Nuclear Weapons for a long time. Warren Buffet said that if he knew how to reduce the chances of attacks, he would give all his money for it.

He said that the creation of the atomic bomb was necessary during the Second World War, but due to its creation, a huge danger came into the world. The one who has changed everything. Apart from this, how people think and behave, then is good for the world.

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