UCLA Football 2023: How Shilo Sanders’ Exit Alters the Bruins vs Buffaloes Showdown!”

UCLA Football 2023 -:

The Bruins are currently engaged in a tightly contested 7-6 match against Coach Prime’s Colorado Buffaloes.

There was a significant turning point when Shilo Sanders was ejected following a targeting call in the second quarter, potentially offering the Bruins an advantageous position.

Sanders had been an impactful player, notably making a difference earlier in the game by forcing a turnover against star running back Carson Steele with a forced fumble.

With 36 total tackles and 3 turnovers in the season, Sanders’ absence creates a notable gap in the Buffaloes’ defensive lineup for the remainder of the game.

The Bruins now hold the responsibility of exploiting the absence of their key safety and taking advantage of the weakened Buffaloes defense to secure crucial points.

The ejection due to targeting always poses a significant setback. Regardless of the accuracy of the call, it’s anticipated that Coach Prime will have much to say regarding his son after the game concludes.

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