Top 15 Courses after 12th – Best Courses in 2023

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Top 15 Courses after 12th -: Best Courses in 2023

When students pass 12th then there are many questions in their minds. Career-related, which course to do, which will prepare a better career. If seen, this problem is not as difficult as we think because course selection is such an aspect on the basis of which the journey ahead has to be decided.

Therefore, it is necessary to take this decision after considering what to do after the 12th. In this changing world everything is not the same as before, yes, some things are constant, but some things are changing fast. And we have to move with this changing world. That’s why it is necessary that the course selection should be according to this changing world so that we can prepare a new foundation for success.

Top 15 Courses after 12th - Best Courses in 2023

Success is supposedly attained not only through hard work but also by making the right choice at the appropriate time. In a similar vein, you have plenty of time. to make an informed selection about your future new location.

Each student must choose a course that fits their qualifications, which is very significant. It is important to read about the advantages of pursuing a B.Sc. and why you should do it since you can be happy while pursuing the same degree in which you are interested.

1). Graduation (Most Trending Course) -:

Graduation is a degree course, which can be done after the 12th from any stream, (eg; Science, Commerce, and Arts) its duration is 3 years. After graduating from your favorite subject, you can go for further higher education like -: Post Graduation, MSc, MBA, Ph. d, etc.

You can apply for a government job after completing your graduation, because there are vacancies in the government sector for graduate candidates, which you can take advantage of, or you can do jobs in the private sector, at this time a large number of private Companies are taking out vacancies for graduate candidates.

In most private companies, only graduation is in demand, which will be beneficial for you.

Regarding your stream, you should do B.Sc, B.Com, and B.A so that you do not face any kind of problems in higher education. For more information about graduation, must read,

2). Police Service -:

Who does not know the importance of police service in India, if you have also completed your 12th then you can also take advantage of police service.

In India, there are a few distinct entry requirements, including written and physical tests, as well as direct recruiting occasionally.

If seen, most of the youth are going after police service because the police is a good option choice in a government job and its entrance exam is not as difficult as compared to other government services. That’s why you can make your career in this after the 12th.

  • Indian Police Service is the most liked service by the people.
  • 12th-pass students can also take advantage of this service.
  • Police service can be joined through written exams, physical exams, direct recruitment or special courses, etc.

3). Space Technology -:

If your interest is in innovation and research, then your place can be confirmed at the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology.

There are about 156 seats in the graduation course of IIST, whose entrance exam is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education and its selection process is based on the merit list of JEE-main.

If you have passed out from the 12th science stream then you can apply for JEE-Main.

By clearing the entrance exam you can make your future bright at the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology which will be a big achievement in itself, generally, IIST provides two types of degrees Post Graduation and a Ph.D.

  • India can be made a better future by doing undergraduate students, post graduation from IIST.
  • Best for Career, Aerospace Engineering, B.Tech, etc.

4). National Defense Academy (NDA) -:

If your dream is to go to Indian Army, Navy, or Indian Air Force, then definitely apply for NDA entrance because NDA is one of the most valuable posts of the Indian Government.

The entrance exam for NDA is organized by UPSC. For this entrance exam, you must have a 12th pass in Physics and Maths and your age should be from 16.5 to 19 then only you will be eligible.

The NDA exam is held twice a year, generally, this entrance exam is held in the months of April and September.

You can prepare for it by applying until the exam date arrives. If the dream is big, then the hard work should also be big because we have to fight for those dreams which are not fulfilled only by dreaming.

Sometimes by ourselves and sometimes by our circumstances, then our dreams are fulfilled, that’s why you move ahead without fear.

5). Chartered Accountant -:

If you want to make a career in accounting, then CA is the right course for you because it is the most popular course in India and also the most valuable.

However, to enroll in it, you must first clear its three entrance exams, which are 12th-based, you can apply for the accountant entrance exam after the 10th but you can give CA entrance exam only after the 12th pass.

Candidates who pass the final exam get not only a most valuable post but also a job with a good salary package along with a certificate in India itself.

Not only this, but by becoming a CA, you can get the opportunity to work in the post of Chief Internal, Chief Accountant, Financial Business Analyst, Account Manager, Finance Manager, Managing Director, Auditing, CEO, etc. in companies in India and abroad. The estimated annual salary of a CA ranges from 5,00000 to 10,00000.

6). A career in Pharmacy Courses -:

Generally, there are two courses in Pharmacy, the first B. Pharma and the second D. Pharma. B. Pharma which is also called Bachelor of Pharmacy.

This is a 4-year undergraduate degree course, and after completing it you can practice Pharmacist or you can go abroad and get a good job, which is in high demand abroad and the salary is also good.

A pharmacist’s value is very high and his respect is also very high. Its exam is held on semester ie 6 months.

D.Pharma whose full name is Diploma In Pharmacy is a 2 years Diploma course whose value is less than D. Pharma but if you want to do B. Pharma after doing it then you can take admission in it.

By doing D Pharma, you get direct admission in distant years of B Pharma. After this, if you want, you can do courses like Post Graduate or M.Pharma and Ph.D. If you have passed 12th from PCB or PCM then you are eligible for this.

7). Fine Arts-:

Fine Arts are the most trending field in today’s era and its popularity is increasing day by day because Arts is no longer just for road shows but you can also take a degree from it.

Through Fine Arts Course, you can enhance your arts and give a new twist to your life and can also give a great career to your hobby.

The majority of students are drawn to the world of fashion because it is such a growing profession with a greater-than-necessary need for designers.

If you also have an attachment to Arts, then you can feel free to make a wonderful career in this field. You can do this course after the 12th, it is a degree course and its duration is 4 years.

To take admission in Fine Arts, there are many such organizations that take admission on the basis of the entrance, but there are many such organizations that take admission on the merit list of 12th.

There is a lot of career option in the field of Fine Arts, the demand for Fine Arts Candidates is very high in today’s era and most of the demand is done by Software companies apart from this, there are many such fields in which you can make your career.

As; Newspapers, Departments, Animators, Electronic Media, Television, Film Production Design, etc. So the future of this course is very bright.

8). Banking, Finance, and Insurance -:

Banking, Finance, and Insurance is such a field in which there is a lot of opportunities to grow on the other hand this field is the most secure for employment because it has career growth, Vast and Varied.

If any candidates want to make their career in the field of Banking, Finance, or Insurance, then this field is full of expectations for them.

You can do a job in it as Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Finance Consultant, or Entrepreneurship.

You can come in this field after the 12th through the Entrance Exam like; SBI PO and IBPS PO etc. Which is the best option in India to enter the banking field this determines your Eligibility, Course, Jobs, and Salary.

Banking, Finance Insurance aga Diploma Courses, and Part-Time, and Online Certification Courses are available as a result of which there is a lot of career option available in it.

9). A career in ITI -:

Apply right away for ITI courses after the 10th grade if you’re searching for a quick course that will also provide you with a solid job because there are numerous fields available.

You can choose your course according to your interest. This is a field that can be done after the 8th, 10th, and 12th.

Completing ITI helps you a lot in getting a good job. ITI is becoming a fast-emerging field, so your chances of growing in it increase a lot.

ITI Courses range from 6 Months to 2 Years and have 2 types of fields, Engineering and Non-Engineering which are very Demanding.

You can get a good job by applying in the government sector after completing your ITI and there is a demand for it in the non-government sector, or there are many fields in which you can do your own business like; Plumber Shop, Painter, Repairing Shop for Many Categories, like Vehicles, Welding Wiring, etc.

10). Fashion Technology -:

Fashion Designing Course is one of the creative courses. Because, it is not only famous in India, but people in foreign countries also have a lot of interest in it. How to become a fashion designer, read the complete information in detail.

Because if the popularity of anything has to be increased, then it is obvious that first it has to be shown better and this work comes under our Fashion Technology.

There are some required skills in this field that you must have, if you have these skills then believe me you will become a super designer.

Your actual compensation in your chosen field and position will exceed your estimate. Fashion technology and creativity, good communication skills, a good understanding of the market, and a good understanding of customer lifestyles are all crucial.

11). Fitness Instructor -:

In today’s time, a career as Fitness Instructor is very demanding and valuable, as the mentality of people is increasing to improve their health.

Similarly, career prospects are also increasing in the fitness industry. People feel more energetic and tension-free in activities in less time than in the gym and this desire of people has opened the doors to career options in this field.

Looking at the popularity of Gyms, you can make a desired career in this field.

There are many top colleges and institutes in India that conduct this course, and during this, you are given body-related information including body muscles, muscle injury, muscle growth, anatomy, etc. so that you are technically prepared.

You can do this course after the 12th and after completing it you can work in Gym, Hotel, Apartment, Cruise, Government Department, etc., and get a good salary package.

12). Computer Programming Course -:

Computer Programming Course is such a course whose area is huge, in this, there are many such courses whose duration ranges from 3 Moths to 3 years.

Basically, you can make a career in this field even after 10th, 12th, and graduation. This is a very demanding field because today the world has become digital.

Under the computer programming course, you can take the DTP course, basic computer course, cyber security course, Ms. Office certification course, programming language course, animation and multimedia course, computer hardware maintenance course, etc.

By completing these courses, you can also open your own shop or you can also do a job in any government or non-government company.

Apart from this, you can get certification by doing Diploma in Computer Science, Computer Accounting Diploma, or Advanced Diploma in Computer Application and can also start a great career.

13). Interior Designing Course -:

Interior Designing Courses are such a valuable course whose demand is very high in today’s era and their scope is increasing day by day. Must read about how to become an interior designer and why it is important.

Apartments, Kothi, offices, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, auditoriums, and public spaces can all benefit from interior design work, which is done by a designer referred to as an interior designer.

Because of this, interest in employment opportunities in this industry is currently rising quickly. Interior design is a top course to do after high school and is available as a degree or diploma.

There are many Institutes and Colleges that conduct Interior Designing courses, by completing which you can make a good career in this field.

As the craze of interior designing is increasing, the possibilities of jobs in it are also increasing. After completing the interior designing course, you should start with training so that you can get good business knowledge.

14). A career in Yoga (Best Career in Yoga) -:

Career In Yoga is becoming a rapidly emerging industry today, so obviously, there will be more chances to make a career in it, because the attitude of people towards Yoga is very positive, and precisely because of this, youths are interested in this field. A career window has opened up for him.

There are many such training institutes in India that provide Diplomas in Yoga and Degrees in Yoga. You can make your career in Yoga by doing a diploma or degree course after the 12th from your nearest institute.

After completing the yoga course, you can do jobs in many fields like; Yoga Teacher, research, treatment of disease, yoga mind and body health treatment or you can open your own training center and train the trainee and prepare a good career line.

15). Animation Designing Course -:

Animation courses are very popular among students because they love to do artwork, due to which they choose such courses.

You can easily do this course after the 12th. This course is available in both diploma and degree, the duration of which is from 1 year to 3 years and its estimated fees can be from 3,000 to 1,00,000 as the fee of each institute is different.

Following completion of the animation course, one may pursue employment as a director, production designer, scriptwriter, layout artist, digital painter, etc.

You should budget between $12,000 and $20,000 annually for the entry-level role. Working for a recognized company will enable you to bargain for a better compensation package, nevertheless, as you gain expertise and more time.

Conclusion -:

Here is the course list after the 12th which students like to do more. Very low fees are required to do these courses and there are many career possibilities in them.

Apart from this, there are some courses which you can do for fewer fees -:

  • Diploma in Radiography
  • Diploma in Operation Theater Technique
  • Diploma in X-Ray Technology
  • Diploma in Elementary Education
  • Diploma in Ayurvedic Pharmacy
  • Diploma in Animation and Multimedia
  • Diploma in Print Media Journalism and Communication
  • Diploma in Film Production and Digital Video Production

All these courses are known for better career options. I hope you have liked this post.

FAQs -:

Q. What to do after 12 commerce?

Ans -: Which courses are in trend after 12th commerce? B Com, BBA, BMS, BCA, BBA LLB, BBA MBA, Chartered Accountancy (CA), CS (Company Secretary), etc. courses after 12th commerce are in trend.

Q. Which course is of 1 year?

Ans -: Diploma in IT- This is a 1-year course, you can do it after passing 12th.

Q. Which is the best course for girls?

Ans -: Friends, you must have heard about B.SC,, or B. Courses, these are the courses which are probably done the most, it is considered a good course for girls, and women, to do this course After that you can apply for various types of government jobs.

Q. Which field is best for girls after 12th science?

Ans -: MBBS, B.Sc Microbiology, Genetics, Food Technology, Dairy Technology, Agriculture, Fisheries Science, and Horticulture are the best courses for girls. Some colleges give admission on the basis of 12th marks and some give admission on the basis of the entrance exam.

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