Top 12 Online Courses in 2023 – Best Udemy Courses

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Top 12 Online Courses in 2023 -: ” Udemy Courses “

Hello Friends,

After the pandemic, one good thing that has happened, although it has been a difficult time for everyone, is that education has gone online. There was a time when the concept of education was only in classrooms, schools or colleges, campuses or campuses but now the whole world is your campus and you can learn from the best trainers and best teachers right from the comfort of your home and that then made this video possible where I have got a list of 20 Online Courses which I think you must do if you are in your 20s. The good thing about all of these online courses are -:

  • They come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

so if for any reason you did not like the course in the first 30 days, then there is a 100% refund.

  • On-Demand Classes.

They are in Demand. Demand Means, There are no live classes, you can study whenever you want, at whatever pace you want, and is really useful.

Top 12 Online Courses in 2023 - Best Udemy Courses

  • Lifetime Access.

It comes with lifetime access, which means you can do it again anytime in the future.

  • Certificate of completion.

But not least, It comes with a certificate of completion, which you can display in your resume or your LinkedIn Profile that you have gone through this online course.

Let’s get into the Top 20 Online Courses that I feel everyone in their 20s should go through.

1). Microsoft Excel Course -:

A Software that will be useful to you forever. If you know how to use Microsoft Excel, you will know a lot of things, whether it is making business plans, planning your financials, doing your budgeting, or some office project, whatever the case. So this course, Excel from beginner to advanced is my recommendation. More than 7 lakh students have already done this. One of the highest recommended online courses on Udemy and That will be my first preference.

2). Web Development Course -:

I feel development or software engineering is something that everyone should know, whether they are software engineers or not. The way to interact with machines, the way to build software, is a very important life skill and This online course which has been taken by 4 lakh students on the complete guide to web development is my recommendation for that.

3). Digital Marketing Course -:

12 courses in 1. Around 6 lakh students have taken this course and Digital Marketing, whether it is advertising on Facebook, Google, Instagram, or many other platforms, it’s an important life skill because we all spend time on digital platforms, and that’s why, How to reach out to these audiences? How to make a connection? How to make an ad copy? What is CPC? What is CTR? All of those terms and everything is part of this course, again a highly recommended one.

4). Stock Trading Course -:

Many complexities, such as How to Pick a Stock, are involved in stock trading and investing, which I have discussed at length. What constitutes its foundation? What ratios need to be checked? Which financial indicators should be reviewed? In order to fully understand stock trading, this course, which has been taken by approximately 1.25 lakh students, delves into every last detail. This course will teach you everything you need to know about stock selection, beginning with the fundamentals, in just around 10 hours.

5). Data Science Course -:

This course lasts for around 29 hours and almost 4 lakh students have already taken it basically, it is your deep-dive introduction to data science. Perhaps, data is now more valuable than oil in this world, like they say, Data is now more precious than oil and that is because if you have data and if you know what people are using that data, how they are reacting, how they are engaging with your product, you can actually make meaningful decisions about what to do next. So, This Online Course in Data Science will give you the entire introduction that is required over 29 hours to get you ready for a data science profession on a career.

6). The Complete Crypto & Bitcoin Trading Course 2023 -:

We have spoken a lot about crypto and I get a lot of questions, Which coin should we buy? Which coin to evaluate? It is not like stocks, it would have a ratio or fundamental, So it almost seems like it without a foundation. But this course which is almost 10 hours is the first level introduction to understanding and evaluating cryptocurrencies and if you want to trade in cryptocurrency, then what are the important things that you should know?

7). Meditation Course -:

Now, a soft skill that I think is very important for anyone in their 20s and that is meditation. So this online course, Meditation and the evolution of consciousness is my recommendation. It is almost 7 hours, so not a lot but it will be your introduction to how do you get started on meditation. If you can inculcate a habit of meditation in your 20s, It is one of the best gifts that you will give yourselves and this online course be a good start.

9). LinkedIn Course & Dream Job Course -: Resume Building

If you are looking for a job, then you have to make your LinkedIn profile, your resume, your full presentation in a way, in whatever shape and form, if you have a portfolio or if you are a creative individual and this course which is the complete resume, LinkedIn and get your Dream Job Course is the perfect start for that. Around 1 lakh students have already taken it, it is for 11.5 hours and it will go through everything that you need to know What are the fundamentals of resumes? How to make a good and powerful LinkedIn Profile? How do you reach out to people? How do you navigate through job applications? And a lot more.

10). Graphic Designing Course -:

Graphic Designing, which has become a very important component of content creation, if you are interested in that, then this Graphic Design master class is a great start again. Almost 1 lakh students have taken it and it is 25 hours, so it is quite long, but it will basically walk you through everything you need to know about graphic design if you wish to make a career in it. Even if not, then knowing the fundamentals of graphic designing, and how to do visual communication is just such a wonderful skill to have in your 20s.

11). Gaming Designing Course -:

Gaming is a big deal now, there are many gamers but game designing is now a career in itself. If you are interested in game design, then this course on becoming a game designer: The complete series coding to design is something that you can pick up. It is an 84-hour course, So it is quite extensive and quite detailed. It is surprising that a course of 84 hours is only 490 Rupees, but that is what it is. More than 60,000 students have taken this course.

It will basically walk you through everything from, how to code a game to design a game and everything in between. Friends, the concept of gamification is a very powerful concept because if you pick the concept of designing a game and start applying it in life, then you will actually find that you know something that most people don’t in terms of getting things done.

12). Business Plan Course -:

If you are a founder, an entrepreneur, or a professional and your job is to make business plans, and pitch business clients, then this is a great course for you. The complete Business Plan Online Course is for 9 hours, around 1 lakh students have taken it and it will basically walk you through how to make a business plan. It has more than 50 Templates, so for different business plans for different contexts and situations, you can pick and choose. All of that is accessible so you can always use that whenever you want in the future as well.

FAQs -:

Q. Which is the best Diploma?

Ans -: This is the best diploma –
1). Diploma in Leather Technology
2). Diploma in Instrumentation Technology
3). Diploma in Marine Engineering
4). Diploma in Production
5). Diploma in Petroleum Engineering
6). Diploma in Mining Engineering
7). Diploma in Textile Technology
8). Diploma in Plastic Technology

Q. Which course to do to get a job quickly?

Ans -: Best courses for the job –
1). Content marketing writing
2). Animation course
3). Photography course
4). Marketing copywriter
5). Game programmer

Q. Which job is good for girls?

Ans -: Best job for girls –
1). Teacher (Teaching): Teaching is considered one of the best-paying jobs for girls in India.
2). Human Resource Management (HR): Every organization has a Human Resource (HR) team.
3). Journalism: Journalism has been dominated by women for years.

Q. Which is the toughest exam in the world?

Ans -: China’s Gaokao Exam is considered the most difficult in the world. Gaokao means high exam in Chinese. It is mandatory to give this exam for admission to Chinese universities. Every year more than one crore Chinese children give Gaokao Exam.

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