Sourav Joshi Vlogs earnings revealed: Sourav Joshi’s income is finally known, see here

Sourav Joshi Vlogs earnings revealed -:

Today i.e. from the day February 19, the news is coming out regarding Sourav Joshi Vlogs earnings revealed. According to the information, Sourav Joshi vlogs had put the latest video named “Ye Kya Kar Diya Thar Ke Sath” on the video of the same name when Sourav Joshi was ending his vlog. His income is recorded in the dashboard of his YouTube channel from the camera.

Sourav Joshi income is finally known -:

He was shooting videos with the camera and at that time the YouTube dashboard was open in his laptop where his income was visible. The same income was recorded in his vlog in the form of dollars. At the duration of 7 minutes 15 seconds, it has a clip of Sourav Joshi’s income from YouTube, which you can see by going to YouTube. But now you will not get the clip because Sourav Joshi deleted the video clip of that vlog in which his earning was visible.

Sourav Joshi Vlogs income revealed -:

98510.91 dollars made in the last 28 days from Sourav Joshi’s YouTube. Sourav Joshi puts one video every day and puts 28 videos in 28 days and the earning from the YouTube channel for the last 28 days was dollars. If dollars are converted into Indian Rupees, then approximately Rs 8153304.72 lakhs are made. But he will get money only around 81 lakh rupees which are approx. As compared to YouTube, a good income is made from the blog when the same number of views come.

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