RTO Challan New Rules: RTO’s new rule 5000 fine pay attention to all those who drive

RTO Challan New Rules -:

A big notification has been issued regarding vehicle numbers in Uttar Pradesh. In the state, RTOs will take very strict action on writing the number plates on the vehicles in Hindi letters and the number plates in Hindi letters. And the strictest action and heavy fine will be made against the people who write numbers on such number plates. People always make such mistakes due to which they harm themselves. If you tamper with the number plate of your vehicle against the rules of the RTO, then you may have to pay a heavy penalty for this. Read the complete information related to this in detail through this post.

RTO Challan Campaign -:

Let us tell you that the campaign is being run by the RTO from Lucknow, the capital of UP. If you tamper with the number plates of your own or private vehicles. And give a variety of looks to your vehicle’s number plate to give it a more impressive and stylish look. But you should know that such a violation can cost you dearly. If you do any kind of change and your arbitrariness with the registered number plate by RTO then it is totally illegal. If you want to save your vehicle from challan then you should not do these mistakes.

RTO Challan New Rules

RTO 5000 Challan Explained -:

Many people get such numbers written on the number plates of their vehicles as if something is written in Hindi. For example, the number 4141 is written in such a way that it looks like a father or grandfather. Not only this but to make the number plate look even more different and attractive, the color of the number plate is changed from white to another color.

Due to this, the number is not understood and the color of the number plate is changed and the number is not visible, they run away after the accident on the road. For this, this campaign is being run from Lucknow. This has been started from Tuesday itself. If a person committing such a mistake is caught. Then he will have to pay a fine of five thousand rupees.

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