Which is the richest state of India in 2024?

Richest State of India in 2024 -:

Hello friends, India is a very big country, inside which many religions, many states and people speaking many different languages live. Here many places are very rich and in some places there is a shadow of poverty. Many times this question comes in the mind of many people that Bharat ka Sabse Amir Rajya Kaun sa Hai?

Today we will tell you which is the richest state among the states of India? What is the GDP of that state and why is it so rich compared to other states? Will give all its information in details.

Which is the richest state of India?

Maharashtra is the richest state in India with a GDP of 35.81 lakh crores. Being a film city in Maharashtra also contributes a lot to its GDP. Although the capital of India is Delhi, but when it comes to the commercial capital, Mumbai is considered.

In Maharashtra, the per capita income within 2022-23 is Rs 2 lakh 42 thousand annually. India’s richest people also live inside Maharashtra. Here Film City Mumbai has given employment to people coming from different places across the country.

Now you must have known why Maharashtra is the richest state in India. Due to being on the seashore, many tourists also come here every year, which give a very good income to this state.

Why is Maharashtra the richest state?

Now do you know why Maharashtra is the richest state in India? So let us tell you that the richest people in India live in Maharashtra. Due to which this state gets more tax than the rest of the state.

Apart from this, Maharashtra programming is the largest exporting state. Due to this, a huge amount of money is received from here.

Due to the film city of Mumbai, many movies are made here, big stars live here and a large part of the income from them goes to the Maharashtra government in the form of tax. Apart from this, there is a large amount of industry here due to the proximity of port and air.

Because of all this, Maharashtra is the richest state in India. Along with this, it is also included in the happiest states of India.

Top 10 richest states of India -:

Now we have talked about India’s richest state Maharashtra, now let’s know after this which are the remaining 10 richest out of 28 states of India? And what is the GDP of those states.

  • No. 2 Tamil Nadu -: Tamil Nadu is the second richest state in India after Maharashtra, with a GDP of 24.85 lakh crores.
  • Number 3 Gujarat -: The home state of our country’s PM Modi Ji, Gujarat is included in this list as number three. The GDP of Gujarat has also been 22.03 lakh crore in 2023.
  • Number 4 Uttar Pradesh -: The state of our Dabang Chief Minister Yogi ji is at number 4 in this list with a GDP of 21.74 lakh crores.
  • Number 5 Karnataka At the fifth position is Karnataka with a GDP of 18.85 lakh crores.
  • West Bengal is included at number 6 with a GDP of 17.13 lakh crores.
  • Number 7 Rajasthan -: India’s largest state in terms of area, Rajasthan is included in the list of rich states at number 7. The GDP of Rajasthan is Rs 13.34 lakh crore, which is less than half of Maharashtra.
  • At number 8 is Telangana, whose total GDP is Rs 13.04 crore.
  • Andhra Pradesh is included at number 9 with a GDP of around Rs 12 lakh crore.
  • After this 10 van number comes in this list of Madhya Pradesh, which is a state with a GDP of 11.5 lakhs.

Conclusion -:

Friends, you must have got the answer to your question which is the richest state in India in this article. Along with this, you must have also come to know that why Maharashtra is included in the richest states of India? Apart from this, we have also shared the list of other 10 states which are included in the top 10 richest states.

Here we have also told you about the GDP of all 10 rich states of India in 2023. If you liked the article then do share it with your friends.

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