REET 2023 LATEST NEWS: Board Malamal unemployed, action taken against the paper maker


The Rajasthan government has decided that the unemployed people of Rajasthan have to be left ruined, money is taken in the name of filling out the form after that papers are made by experts, and deliberately wrong questions are put in the paper! This has to be said to all the unemployed because so many questions are wrong, and after that, the unemployed have to pay separate money for each question to raise objections! Talking about the REET 2023 main exam, so many questions have been objected to that the Board has got lakhs of crores of rupees to the Staff Selection Board!

First of all, let’s talk about the level 2 Hindi paper which questions, how much the government has benefited! Going to share today’s latest news with you! Read the full post! The unemployed of Rajasthan are being looted, sometimes in the name of the application and sometimes in the name of raising objections! Although it has been made free for application in this budget, when objections are raised, they should also be done. Unemployed should not be looted again and again! Why should the unemployed suffer for the mistake of the expert?


Objections have been filed on more than 10 questions in the Hindi paper of level-2 organized by the Rajasthan Staff Selection Board. Let us tell you that the board had asked for objections till March 22, now the expert committee of the board will examine these objections, which questions will come. Now the committee will decide whether there will be a change or not, but objections have been filed on many questions, including question paper number 12, 45, 71, 122, 131, and 148, which was a Hindi master paper, which is not visible in the question-answer option itself. meet!

Now the candidates have raised questions on the paper makers, have raised questions on the recruitment agencies which is the Staff Selection Board! The unemployed are only being looted, such a large number of wrong questions were put together, objections were raised and all this is done to loot the unemployed! This puts an economic burden on the unemployed. Let us tell you that for setting a question paper, a fee of ₹ 100 has to be paid, if you talk in this way, then you get an additional burden of ₹ 1000 on about 10 questions!

The board chairman says that he will investigate and if wrong questions or answers are found then changes will be made on the same basis!

If the paper makers make mistakes then why only the unemployed are looted? Action should be taken against the person who made the paper and students should not be asked to register objections.

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