Rs 199 Portable AC Cooler is making a splash in the market, Shimla Mussoorie-like pleasure will come even in the scorching heat!

Portable AC Cooler 2023 -:

If you are also looking for a portable cooler so that you can easily enjoy the cool air by keeping it on the desk of your computer or laptop and you can also run it through USB.

So Today we are going to tell you about such a great portable AC cooler that provides you with cool air and you can easily buy it at a nominal price, then read the article from beginning to end for complete information and Also know about the features.

Advantages of Portable AC Cooler 2023 -:

This portable cooler is being sold fast on e-commerce websites nowadays because it can be operated by battery, inside it you will get to see a small water tank in which you can enjoy cool air by keeping ice.

You can place it anywhere on your office desk, study table, library room, or outdoors. It is made so compact and made so portable that it can be easily lifted and carried anywhere if you talk about its airflow. So it gives air according to 11.5 Cubic Feet Per Minute.

Portable AC Cooler 2023 Price -:

Now if we talk about the price of this portable AC here, then you will get to see it at different prices, although its starting price is ₹ 199, their rates keep changing on the e-commerce website.

So you will get to see it in increasing order, as the heat increases, its price also increases, you can see its actual price by visiting the official website.

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