Don’t plant money plant in this direction otherwise, you will become road pati from lakhpati

Money Plant in this Direction Otherwise -:

Money plant is used for wealth and prosperity in life as it is believed to have the energy of money. There are small roots near the root of the money plant, which increase the energy of money. Keeping this plant in the house gives relief from money-related problems and positive energy flows into the house. Money plant is also considered very useful for wealth and prosperity in Vastu Shastra.

Apart from this, this plant is also very useful in maintaining the atmosphere of the house. Money plant creates oxygen and helps in making the atmosphere of the house clean. When you plant a money plant in your home, it is very important to take care of keeping it properly. There are some rules which are most important for this plant, let us know about them -:

The direction of Money Plant -:

Money plants should be planted in the southeast area of the house, it brings happiness and prosperity to the house. Money plants should be watered regularly. Keep the money plant separate from other plants. The energy of this plant is different and it increases wealth in your home. Not only this, the money plant should be worshiped every morning by giving water with reverence.

Quickly remove dry leaves of money plant -:

If the leaves of the money plant are drying, remove them immediately, and also keep in mind that the vine of the plant should not touch the ground. Instead, tie a rope or stick to its vine and let it go upwards. Growing vine gives wealth and prosperity and there is progress in career. If the money plant’s vine stays on the ground, one has to face economic loss which becomes an obstacle to prosperity. The money plant is considered a symbol of good luck

Keep the money plant away from the public eye -:

If you want to keep the money planted in an office or office, you can keep it in a corner where it is not easily visible from the eyes of people. Not only this you can keep it in a box

Disclaimer -:

The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. does not confirm this. Before putting any belief into practice, consult the relevant expert.

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