Essay on International Womens Day 2023 (Happy Womens Day): Speech, Importance, Quotes, Slogans, Best Wishes – March 8, 2023

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Essay on International Womens Day 2023 -:

If we count from 1911 when it was celebrated simultaneously in many countries till this year, then in the year 2023 it will be the 112th Women’s Day, which will be celebrated internationally. This day will be celebrated simultaneously all over the world on March 8, 2023, in its own way.

NameInternational Women’s Day 2023
(Happy Womens Day)
when is it celebrated8 march
when did it startin 1911
where did it startNew York
what women’s day is this year112th
subject 2023to be announced soon

Essay on International Women’s Day -:

Respect for women has been given great importance in Indian culture. But in the present situation, women are being insulted everywhere. Considering it as an ‘object of enjoyment’, man is ‘using’ it in his own way. This is very worrying. Yasya Pujyante Naryastu Tatra Ramante Devta is a poem in Sanskrit. In other words, gods live where women are worshipped. But it is necessary to consider how to respect women while maintaining our culture.

International Womens Day 2023 (Happy Womens Day): Essay, Speech, Importance, Quotes, Slogans, Best Wishes

  • Mother should always be respected -: Mother means woman in the form of mother, is in her purest form on earth. Mother i.e. Mother Mother has been considered more than God because the birth mother of God has also been a woman. We can see this in the context of Maa Devaki (Krishna) and Maa Parvati (Ganapati/Kartikeya).

But according to the changing times, the children have reduced the importance given to their mother. This is a worrying aspect. Everyone is drowning in money lust and selfishness. But women must be respected as a mother who gives birth, which has decreased at present, this question is spreading like a Yakshaprasna these days.

  • Girls are winning -: If we look at the girls of today, we find that these girls are winning a lot these days. These can be seen in every field as we move forward. Girls are progressing fast in the merit list of various examinations. Once upon a time, he was considered weak, but on the strength of his hard work and intelligence, he has earned proficiency in every field. His talent should be respected.
  • Woman walking shoulder to shoulder -: The whole life of a woman is spent walking shoulder to shoulder with a man. His childhood is spent under the shadow of his father. In his father’s house also he has to do household chores and at the same time, he has to continue his studies. This order of his continues till marriage.

During this, she has to fulfill the dual responsibility of studies and writing along with household chores, whereas during this time the boys have no work other than studies. Some young men do not even study properly, while they have no other work to do. If seen from this point of view, women always walk shoulder to shoulder with men but also discharge more responsibilities than them. A woman is respectable even in this way.

  • After marriage -: After marriage, even more, heavy responsibilities come on women. After serving their husbands, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law, they have no time left for themselves. Like the bulls of a crusher, they keep gnawing in the family. The life of a common woman is spent in the home family, four-stove, it is not even known. Many times they even strangle their desires for the sake of family.

They don’t even get that much time, they live for themselves too. Indian women are at the forefront of making their life home for the sake of the family. This sacrifice of his towards the family makes him an officer of respect.

  • Instilling values in children -: The work of inculcating values in children is done only by women in the form of mothers. We all have been hearing this since childhood that the first teacher of the children is the mother. The children are impacted by the mother’s personality in both positive and bad ways.

Looking at history, mother Putlibai planted the seeds of the best values in Gandhiji and Jijabai in Shivaji Maharaj. The result of which is that we still know Shivaji Maharaj and Gandhiji today because of their great deeds. His personality is great and unique. By giving better manners, only women can make the child an example in society. That’s why women are respectable.

  • Height of indecency -: Nowadays, the height of indecency with women is happening. Every day we read and see in newspapers and news channels, that women were molested or gang-raped. This would be called moral degradation. Hardly a day goes by when there is no news on indecency among women.

What is the reason for this?

Obscenity is increasing day by day in print and electronic media. This has a very bad effect on the mind and brains of the youth. They start thinking about its implementation. The result is a heinous and heinous crime like the Delhi gang rape. It is very important to consider this to protect the honor and dignity of a woman, as well as to protect her honor and dignity.

  • Indecent clothes are also a reason -: The dress of some ‘modern’ women is also not decent. Due to these clothes also bad crimes are increasing. The thinking of these women is somewhat different. They think we are modern. This idea cannot be called reasonable. It does not come to the fore that this crime has been inspired because of their clothes.

International Women’s Day History -:

Some famous women like Devi Ahilyabai Holkar, Mother Teresa, Ela Bhatt, Mahadevi Verma, Princess Amrit Kaur, Aruna Asaf Ali, Sucheta Kriplani, and Kasturba Gandhi, etc. have brought laurels to the whole world by their thoughts, words, and deeds. By serving as Mahatma Gandhi’s left hand, Kasturba Gandhi made a significant contribution to the liberation of the nation.

Indira Gandhi influenced Indian and world politics on the strength of her determination. It is not for nothing that she is called the Iron Lady. Indira Gandhi survived the deaths of her father, husband, and son without losing her courage. Like solid rock, she continued to work in her field of work. Former US President Ronald Regan even called her a ‘clever woman’, because Indiraji was an expert in politics as well as eloquence.

In the end, it would be right to say that we should respect every woman. As a result of neglect, feticide and not understanding the importance of women, the number of women is not even half that of men. A man should not forget that only after being given birth by a woman, he has been able to exist in the world and has reached here. It is not right to reject or insult him. In Indian culture, women have been given due respect like Goddess Durga and Lakshmi, etc., so they should be given proper respect.

International Women’s Day Theme 2023 -:

Since 1996, Women’s Day has been celebrated continuously with a certain theme, first of all in 1996 its theme is a celebration of the past and planning for the future. After this many countries have been celebrating it together with a new theme and new purpose. This year in 2023, the theme of International Women’s Day is ‘Embrace Equity’. Whereas purple, white, and green are the colors of International Women’s Day. The themes of Women’s Day in the last 10 years were as follows –

2009The theme of this year’s Women’s Day was that women and men should try together against the atrocities against women and girls, this issue was considered.
2010This year the focus was on the progress of women by providing equal rights and equal opportunities to men.
2011This year, by giving equal rights to women in the fields of education, training and science and technology, etc. the way for their progress in these fields was opened.
2012This year an attempt was made to empower the women of the village by giving them equal opportunities, along with this the focus was also on problems like poverty and hunger.
2013This year, a demand was made to fix the timeline for action to end violence against women.
2014This year equality for women and their progress was the theme of this day.
2015This year the progress of the entire human race was linked to the progress of women.
2016In this year, it was decided to make the ratio of women and men equal in the next 12 years.
2017This year the focus was on equalizing the man & female ratio in the coming years with the status of women in the changing world.
2018The theme for this year was to encourage women to grow in theirs.
2019Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change
2020Each For Equal
2021Women’s Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in a Post-COVID-19 World
2022” Breaking the Bias “
2023This year in 2023, the theme of International Women’s Day is ‘Embrace Equity’. Whereas purple, white, and green are the colors of International Women’s Day.

How to Celebrate International Women’s Day -:

This day has been declared a holiday in many countries like Afghanistan, China, Cambodia, Nepal, and Georgia, in some countries half day is given instead of a full day off. While in some countries children give gifts to their mothers on this day and this day is dedicated to the mother, then in many countries men give flowers as gifts to their wives, friends, mothers, sisters, etc.

On this day in India, many programs are organized by many institutions with the aim of encouraging women by giving them respect. Even though the way of celebrating this day may be different in every country but everywhere its purpose is the same, equality for women everywhere in every field.

International Women’s Day Speech -:

Woman, this is not a common word but such an honor that has got divinity. The place of women is equal to that of God since the Vedic period, therefore women are compared with Gods and Goddesses. Whenever a daughter is born in the house, then it is said that Lakshmi has come into the house. When a newly married daughter-in-law comes into the house, even then it is compared to the arrival of Lakshmi.

Have you ever heard of a comparison being made like this following the birth of a son? Whether Kuber has come into the house or Vishnu is born, no. This respect is given only to women, which is going on from the Vedas and Puranas, which today’s society has not given to women the respect that women have received from birth to birth.

Women are always called weak and they are said to cook and nurture at home, they are seen as capable woman who gives birth and it is said that women do not need education, while The place of women is different in the God whom the society worships. Mother Saraswati who is the goddess of learning is also a woman and this society does not consider women as worthy of education. Maa Durga who took birth to kill demons is also a woman and this society considers women as weak.

From where does this society bring words like abla, poor for women and does not consider women worthy of education, while there is no such status of women in any Puran, any Vedas which this society has fixed for women? In such a situation, there is a need for women to understand their power and stand united with each other to give themselves the respect that is actually meant for women.

Women’s Day is celebrated every year on 8 March. But the condition of women today is not hidden from anyone and this condition is not only of India but of the whole world. Where women have not got their ode. By giving tax in his name for one day, the duty is not fulfilled. A woman today must struggle constantly to maintain her existence and sense of self. It is a shameful thing that today there are schemes like saving daughters in our country, today pressure is being created by the government to give birth to a girl child at home.

Let’s give The rules of society that have weakened the position of the girl child in society, which needs to be changed now. There is a need to change what is happening to date, for which it is necessary that first of all the girl child should get the right to life and then education, only then the condition of women in this country will improve.

Inspirational Thoughts on women’s empowerment -:

Although a lot remains to be done in the direction of women’s empowerment, after decades of struggle, today in most countries of the world, women have gained many rights including social and economic independence, and slowly but now they are freely forging their own individual identity. In western countries, women have equal rights as men and in most Asian countries their condition can be said to be very good.

But the condition of women in Africa and some Asian countries, called the blind continent, is very worrying, where even today they are treated with secondary status. In these, Muslim nations can be taken with priority. In fundamentalist countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia, women have now gained some rights, otherwise, till now they were kept imprisoned in the four walls of the house like some decorative and valuable object.

Just now in 2017, women have got the right to drive in Saudi Arabia, otherwise, before that, she could go out only when accompanied by a man. Come on, in Saudi Arabia, which is considered to be the most staunch Muslim country, women have got some facilities, but in Iran, women have not got this right till now, and they have to protest and protest even for some of their very simple demands. forced to struggle.

From this small illustration, you can get an idea of the condition of women in these countries. Well, this subject will be discussed in detail some other time, today we are only publishing the precious thoughts of those learned writers, which reveal the pride of women, their importance, and their superiority. If you have respect for women, then you too can be proud to be a part of an important campaign by sharing these slogans on social media on Women’s Day.

Because just as even a brick in a house is very important, in the same way, your help is also very important in this global and huge campaign, that’s why you should also be an ally in this important work.

International Women’s Day Quotes -:

” Women are the real architects of the society. “

– Cher

” When a man loves a woman, he gives her a part of his life, but when a woman loves, she gives her all. “

– Oscar Wilde

” Any civilization can be assessed by the behavior of women. “

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

” Men cannot control their destiny, it is the woman associated with their life who does it for them. “

– Grusho Marx

” Women are amazing she wears a mask of smile on her face and pretends that everything is fine but in reality she has the weight of the world on her shoulders and her life is slipping through her fingers like firecrackers. “

” Woman is a mother, worship her
Woman is a sister, love her
Woman is a sister-in-law, respect her,
Woman is a wife, love her,
Woman is a woman, respect her. “

” Woman is the power of man,
Women are the beauty of the house,
who gets due respect,
May the flowers of happiness bloom in the house. “

” woman has emotion feel it
in the hypocrisy of the times
Don’t stand in any courtroom. “

” Every home, every heart, every feeling,
Every moment of happiness is incomplete without you,
Only you can complete this world. “

” Now you know your power
People take Radha’s name before Krishna. “

” love is incomplete without woman
respect incomplete without woman
home incomplete without woman
The world is incomplete without woman. “

” Nari Sita Nari Kali
only woman in love
woman soft woman tough
Where is the end of a woman without a man. “

” Daughter-daughter-in-law ever becoming a mother
Tolerating everyone’s happiness and sorrow
does all his duties
That’s why she is called a woman. “

” who just gave up
who live only for others
then why curse him
Give him the right to live. “

Many great people have said these precious words for women, even the great people of the world have been believing in women’s power and respected them. History witnesses all the patriots who have been respecting women, only then they have got this respect, and those who have kept an evil eye on women, no matter how much good work they have done, did not get the respect they were supposed to get. Only those who are suffering from mental illness cannot understand this women’s power.

International Women’s Day Slogans -:

” Never women, poor women have all the power. “

” Where women are insulted, that place is like hell. “

” Women have got the place of goddess, will this society be able to give this respect to her? “

” The woman to whom the society does not give place, that woman is the basis of this society. “

” Women are respect, the gate of heaven is an insult to her, like hell “

” Any man who respects his mother or is fond of his sister, cannot say derogatory things about any woman, however low she may appear to be. Every woman, now or at any other time, has been a sister or a daughter. “

” Woman is a ray of God. He is loving and compassionate. She is the creator, the giver of life, not born. “

” Man can never equal a woman in the spirit of selfless service that nature has given her alone. “

” A modest and modest woman, devoid of decorum and modesty, is better than thousands of intelligent and beautiful women. “

” Yatra Naryastu Pujyate, Ramante Tatra Devta. Where women are respected, Gods also rejoice there. “

” No man can be called worthy in this world until he considers women as his equal. “

” The beauty of a woman is not in her face, but the true beauty inside a woman is reflected in her soul. “

” If you really want to educate your child, first teach them to respect women. “

In the coming year also every country will celebrate this day, but its purpose will be fulfilled only when the exploitation against women will be less when the criminal cases against women will be zero when men and women will get equal status. I wish we will be able to see that day soon when with gender equality of women, she will get equal status in every field.

International Women’s Day Wishes -:

Thousands of flowers are needed to make a garland,
Thousands of lamps are needed to decorate an aarti,
Thousands of drops are needed to make an ocean,
But a ‘woman’ alone is enough…
To make home heaven!
Happy International Women’s Day

He knows how to paint in every color of life,
No matter what the situation, he knows how to adapt.
She gives support at every turn of life,
Sometimes she knows how to be a wife and sometimes a friend,
He knows how to ignore his every right even after fulfilling his responsibilities.
Being a mother, daughter, and sister,
she knows how to be the smile of relationships,
Forgetting his own dreams, he knows how to paint the dreams of others.
What was lost in the flood of time now comes to fill a new color in that hidden identity.

May every step of a woman moving towards women empowerment bring enthusiasm, achievement, happiness, good luck, peace, and lots of happiness in life. Best wishes on International Women’s Day..!

FAQs -:

Q. When is International Women’s Day celebrated?

Ans -: March 8

Q. When was the first International Women’s Day celebrated?

Ans -: In the year 1911

Q. Where was the first Women’s Day celebrated?

Ans -: New York

Q. When was the first Women’s Day celebrated?

Ans -: In the year 1908

Q. What is the theme of International Women’s Day 2023?

Ans -: Will be announced soon.

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