International Day of Happiness 2023: Know the benefits and ways of being happy on International Day of Happiness

International Day of Happiness 2023 Key Points | Why is the International Day of Happiness celebrated | What is the history of International Happiness Day | Who is Jamie Illien | International Day of Happiness theme 2023 | Which are the happiest countries in the world | What are the effects of happiness | International Day of Happiness Quotes | Who is happy in this world | What is the way to be happy forever

International Day of Happiness 2023 -:

International Happiness Day i.e. International Day of Happiness (2022 in Hindi) is celebrated on 20 March. Being happy is a personal choice. People find happiness in even the smallest things in life, traveling, shopping, painting, swimming, and socializing. Happiness is one of the most important things in a person’s life. The day in life we begin to recognize the relevance of happiness, we live longer and approach life more enthusiastically.

International Day of Happiness 2023 Key Points -:

International Day of Happiness is celebrated every year on 20 March across the world.

  • This resolution was initiated by Bhutan.
  • In the 1970s, Bhutan initially prioritized the value of national happiness over national income.
  • The United Nations started celebrating the day in 2013, but the resolution for the same was passed on 12 July 2012.
  • Jamie Illien conceptualized and designed the day.

Why is the International Day of Happiness celebrated?

The United Nations General Assembly, in its resolution 66/281 of 12 July 2012, declared 20 March as the International Day of Happiness, recognizing happiness and well-being in the lives of human beings around the world as universal goals and aspirations. The relevance was recognized. Its purpose is to recognize the importance of the objectives of public policy.

It also focused on the need for a more comprehensive, fair, fair, and balanced approach to economic development that is sustainable development, poverty alleviation, promotion of happiness and well-being of all people, etc. so that people can be happy and satisfied.

What is the history of International Happiness Day?

On July 12, 2012, the General Assembly of the United Nations, under its resolution 66/281, declared the International Day of Happiness to be celebrated on March 20 every year. This resolution was the result of the tireless efforts of Jamie Illien, a social worker, activist, and special advisor to the United Nations. It was he who created the concept and design of this day. Their aim was to come up with a proposal that would make the pursuit of happiness a human right and a fundamental goal.

When Jamie Illien gave the idea of International Happiness Day, he got full support from the then-head of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon. Not only this, all 193 countries of the UN accepted this proposal. Bhutan introduced this proposal. Let us tell you that Bhutan is a country that since 1970 has been giving priority to the prosperity of the nation over the national income.

Who is Jamie Illien?

32 years before the International Day of Happiness was established, Jamie Illian was an orphan who was picked up from the streets of Calcutta by the organization of the famous social worker Mother Teresa. Later, a single American woman by the name of Anna Bell Illien adopts Jamie. Jamie has served as a UN advisor.

International Day of Happiness theme 2023 -:

“Keep Calm, Stay Wise, Be Kind” means “Keep Calm, Be Wise, Be Kind”. This theme of Happiness Day 2023 focuses on three basic reasons for achieving happiness -:

  • First, be calm -: Being calm and composed in every situation is the key to contentment and happiness because where there is peace and contentment, happiness automatically follows.
  • Second, be wise -: even in difficult situations, wise steps lead to success. One wrong step taken in the wrong direction leads all the steps ahead of you in the wrong direction, so think wisely and take steps in the right direction.
  • Be the third kind -: Be kind to others in their needs, mistakes, and errors. Where there is kindness there is Dharma and where there is Dharma there is God and where there is God there is happiness, peace, love, and prosperity.

In the current environment of war, violence, and negativity, it is very important to keep all these points in mind.

Which are the happiest countries in the world?

For the fifth consecutive year in the list, Finland has been considered the happiest country in the world. While Denmark is in second, Switzerland in third, Iceland in fourth, Netherlands in fifth, Iceland in sixth, Norway in seventh, Sweden in eighth, and Luxembourg in ninth.

What is India’s rank in the world in terms of happiness?

India has been placed at 136th rank in the list of 150 countries in terms of happiness, which clearly shows that people in India are not as happy as people in other countries. Note that in 2019 India was ranked 140th. This information has been revealed in ‘World Happiness Report 2021’. Afghanistan is at the bottom of the list after the Taliban regime in the report.

What is the effect of being happy on health? (What are the effects of happiness)

  • Being happy reduces mental stress. The person who is happy has mental stress reduced to a great extent. The mind controls happiness and sorrow.
  • The mental health of a person also affects the body of a person. That’s why one should take care of the things going on in life. Being happy helps keep your immune system in good shape.
  • The benefit of being happy also falls on the human heart. The person who is happy in his life has less fear of heart attack.
  • Many times it is seen that the person who is happy in his life, his relations with others are very strong and good. This is because everyone likes a person who is happy. The specialty of a happy person is that he treats others very well and with love.
  • Whoever does his work while being happy, his mind is engaged in work.
  • Being happy brings a lot of glow to the face. Happiness is such a thing that can bring instant happiness to the face of other human beings as well. Along with this, the person who is always happy, there is a lot of glow on his face.
  • Everything exists in this world from good to good and bad to bad. We see the world as we think. A disappointed person sees this whole world as disappointed and ugly. Whereas the person who is happy sees the whole world as full of happiness.
  • Being a positive, thoughtful, happy person leads a healthy life.
  • A happy person finds happiness in the world, he can take his own decisions objectively.

what is happiness?

If a person is laughing out loud or pretending to laugh, it does not prove at all that he is happy, often there is sadness hidden behind those faces which smile in front, but feel very sad when alone. We do. But when a person has all his physical, mental, and modern desires satisfied or finished, then it can be said that he is a happy person. This feeling comes only after continuous effort.

International Day of Happiness Quotes -:

  • The one who is happy will keep others happy too.
  • The most important thing is to enjoy your life – be happy – that’s all that matters.
  • Happiness is an integral part of life, don’t ignore it.
  • Happy people also pay attention to health and fitness. Being happy is like earning more money.
  • Most people are only as happy as they make up their minds to be.
  • Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. Stress is bound to happen in life, but it is your choice whether you let it affect you or not.

Who is happy in this world?

One can know through this speech of Supreme God Kabir Saheb that who is happy in this world?

No one has seen happiness in the body, whoever has seen is sad,
He talks about rising and setting, I have done everyone’s discretion-
“Brother, after losses, the whole world is sad, because you are a householder,
Sukhdev, fearing sorrow, renounced illusion in the womb –
Brother Jangam sad yogi sad, the ascetic should be relieved of his sorrow
Asha Trishna Sab Dhat Vyapai, no palace should be deserted –
Brother, if I tell the truth, this world will not believe it, the lie should not go anywhere,
This Brahma Vishnu Shivji is sad, who has followed this path –
Brother Surpati Dukhiya Bhupati Dukhiya,
May this rank be unhappy,
Where is Kabir and everyone is sad,
“A saint lives a happy mind
Saint, you live a happy mind” ॥

  • Meaning -: In this world, whether rich or poor, king or rank, householder or ascetic, God or Tridev, overall everyone is unhappy, only a Supreme Saint Tatvdarshi Saint is happy or considering it as knowledge, taking Naam Diksha Living within the rules and limits, the person who does devotion is happy.

Why are Param Sant i.e. Tatvdarshi Saint and his followers described as happy?

Satguru means the supreme saint who is blessed by the Complete God, or the Complete God Himself. If he deserves God’s grace, then he cannot be sad, even if he is God himself, he cannot be sad, that’s why first, a supreme saint is happy, and secondly, understanding his knowledge, taking initiation from him, doing devotion by following rules and regulations.

Devotees who do this are happy because there is evidence in Rigveda Mandal No. 9 Sukta No. 82 Mantra 2, and Quran Sharif Surat Furqan 25 Ayat No. 58 that the Supreme God destroys all the sorrows of His devotees.

Who is the Supreme Soul of happiness?

Holy Yajurveda Chapter 29 Mantra 25, Holy Samaveda Number 1400; Rigveda Mandala 9 Sukta 96 Mantra 17 to 20; Atharvveda Kand No. 4 Anuvak no. 1 mantra no 7; Guru Granth Sahib page no. 721 Raga Tilang Mahala 1; Surat Furqan 25 verse number 52 to 59; OJB Bible 36:5 you etc. All the holy scriptures of all religions prove that the Supreme God is corporeal and He is extremely merciful i.e. Rahman, He forgives all the sins of His devotees. That God always makes his children happy. The name of that merciful God is “Kabir”.

How to get true happiness? What is the way to be happy forever?

Presently there are lakhs of people who were troubled by different diseases and finances, due to mental stress, other pains, and suffering. The life of all of them has become healthy, happy, prosperous, and blissful today, they are living happy life. There is none other than “Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji” who can fill his life with happiness. Satlok (eternal place) is our permanent happy place.

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