IAS Shivangi Goel Success Story: Father gave divorce, still not broken, now achieved great success

IAS Shivangi Goel Success Story -:

The UPSC exam is very tough and clearing it is not easy for anyone. However, despite many challenges, Shivangi Goyal of Pilkhuwa, Hapur cracked the exam.

Hapur resident Shivangi Goyal, mother of a 7-year-old girl, had secured All India Rank 177 in the UPSC Civil Services Examinations, but it was not an easy road for her. Many problems had come before him.

According to the report, Shivangi had to face domestic violence and harassment by her in-laws. Due to this, she had to return to her maternal home with her child.

When Shivangi reached her in-law’s house, she had to face very difficult situations there, due to which she went into depression.

Due to the bad atmosphere of the house, his and his daughter’s health also started deteriorating. Shivangi’s divorce case is also going on with her husband.

However, this incident did not discourage him. After moving back with his parents, he decided to pursue his dream of becoming an IAS officer.

According to Shivangi, it was her childhood dream to clear the UPSC exam and when she was in school, her principal asked her to prepare for it. He put a lot of hard work and attention into his studies and it paid off.

She tried to clear the exam twice before her marriage but failed both times. After returning home and leaving her husband, her parents became her pillars of support.

It was his father who told him that he was free to do whatever he wanted. To prepare for UPSC, he decided to do self-study instead of coaching.

Then he decided to prepare for UPSC again. After passing the exam with flying colors, he gave the credit for his success to his parents and 7-year-old daughter Raina.

Stories like this give us a lot of hope and happiness. Shivangi is setting an excellent example for many women around the world by standing up for themselves and not letting anything come their way.

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