How to Start Agarbatti Making Business in 2023: Start the business of making incense sticks, know how to earn lakhs

How to start Agarbatti Making Business in 2023?

In today’s time every person thinks about doing business. If you also want to start agarbatti business. But you do not understand how to start this business, then we will request you to read the article till the end, let’s start.

Raw Materials for Agarbati Making -:

  • charcoal dust
  • White Chips Powder
  • Zygat Powder
  • Perfume (to make incense sticks fragrant)
  • sandalwood powder
  • bite mark
  • Kuppam Dust
  • wrapping paper
  • bamboo stick
  • paper box

Investment for Agarbatti Making -:

Agarbatti Making Business: If you want to start, then for this you will need ₹ 100000, only then you will be able to start this business, although you can do this business with less money because two types of machines for making incense sticks are available in the market. |

A manual machine which costs ₹ 13000 and an automatic machine which costs ₹ 80000. According to your budget, you can buy one of those machines and start this business at home.

Risk in Agarbatti Making Business -:

In the business of making incense sticks, which is between 10% to 15%, so see from the point of view of risk, the risk is very less in this because the money has to be invested in it very less and if you are in this business, the quality of your product and If you pay more attention to packing then you will never be at loss in this business.

Profit from Agarbatti Making Business -:

How much you will earn in a month through agarbatti making business or overall it depends on how many kilos of agarbatti you are able to sell each month, according to that your income will be in the month.

If you sell a 100 kg incense stick in 1 month, then you will easily earn ₹ 30000 in a month, the more you sell, the more money you will earn.

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