How to celebrate Holi Festival in 2023 and why Holi is celebrated – Best Festival in India

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How to celebrate Holi Festival -:

India is a country of festivals, where people of different castes celebrate different festivals with great enthusiasm and one of these festivals is “Holi”.

Generally, festivals in India are celebrated according to the Hindi calendar. In this way, Holi is celebrated on the full moon day of Phalgun month. This celebration is thought to usher in springtime.

India celebrates the Holi festival, although North India celebrates it more fervently. People visit to places like Braj, Vrindavan, and Gokul to see the Holi festivities. In some areas, this holiday is observed over a long period of time.

There is such a practice in Braj, in which men put color on women and women beat them with sticks, this is a very famous practice, which people go to North India to see.

Holi of flowers is also celebrated at many places and everyone meets each other and celebrates happiness by playing songs.

How to celebrate Holi Festival in 2023 and why Holi is celebrated - Best Festival in India

Rang Panchami is more important in Central India and Maharashtra, people form a group and go to each other’s house with color, gulal and apply color to each other and say “Don’t mind Holi”. Holi in Indore city of Central India There is a different kind of pomp, it is called “Gair” of Rang Panchami, in which the whole city of Indore comes out together and dances and sings to enjoy the festival. Preparations are made 15 days in advance for this type of event.

This festival of colors is also called the “Falgun Festival“, in which old songs are sung in the language of Braj. Bhang ka paan is also a special part of Holi. Everyone hugs each other after being intoxicated, forgetting all their grievances. Everyone sings and dances with each other.

Many dishes are prepared in homes on Holi. In our country, full of taste, special dishes are prepared at every festival.

Why Holi is celebrated and the Story of Holi (Mythological Story) -:

Each festival has a unique mythology that is founded on religious principles. There is also a story behind Holi. There was a king named Hiranyakshyap, who considered himself to be the most powerful, so he hated the gods and did not even like to hear the name of Lord Vishnu the gods, but his son Prahlad was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu.

Hiranyakashyap did not like this thing at all, he used to scare his son in many ways and stop him from worshiping Lord Vishnu, but Prahlad did not listen to him, he was engrossed in the devotion of his God. Disturbed by this, one-day Hiranyakashyap made a plan.

According to this, he asked his sister Holika (Holika was blessed that she has victory over the fire, fire cannot burn her) to sit on the altar of fire with Prahlad. Prahlad and his aunt sat on the altar, where Prahlad became completely absorbed in his Lord’s devotion. Then suddenly Holika started burning and there was an Akashvani, according to which Holika was reminded that if she misuses her boon, then she herself will be burnt to ashes and so it happened.

Prahlad’s fire was powerless to stop anything, and Holika was reduced to ashes. Similarly, the people celebrated that day with great enthusiasm, and to date, that day is celebrated as Holika Dahan and the next day they celebrate this day with colors.

Be careful in Holi -: ” Best Festival in India “

  1. Holi is a festival of colors but it needs to be celebrated with caution. Today’s useless colors have to bear many kinds of losses, so it is right to celebrate Holi with Gulal.
  2. It is crucial to avoid substances like these since in addition to this, it is typical to find other enticing substances in cannabis.
  3. The incorrect use of color increases the risk of eye disease as well. Thus, stay away from mixing chemicals with colors.
  4. Think before eating any item made outside the home, the risk increases more during the festival.
  5. Apply color to each other carefully, if someone doesn’t want then don’t force it. Fights and quarrels have also started increasing at festivals like Holi.

Best Holi Shayari in English -: ” Holi Festival “

“In this world full of colors, Holi is a colorful festival,
Holi is a festival to celebrate happiness
by forgetting grievances,
Holi is the colorful message of the colorful world,
and there is a lot of fanfare everywhere. “

– Happy Holi 2023

” Today is Holi for the world,
Your memories give me color everyday. “

– Happy Holi 2023

” Will shower the colors of love on you today,
Today I will drench you with the shower of my love
You will only see our scars
Something like this will color you today. “

– Happy Holi 2023

” Mixing all the colors in water,
Rainbow rivers have flowed…
will make everyone’s face red
Holi has such a buzz
Apply color so that no child can escape today
Because the most colorful Holi has come “

– Happy Holi 2023

” Fill the pitcher with the colors of love,
Color the whole world with the colors of love,
Don’t know this color, no caste, no dialect,
Happy Holi to everyone! “

– Happy Holi 2023

” Get out in the streets by making gangs,
Soak every girl’s bodice today,
If you smile then fill it in your arms..
Otherwise leave saying Happy Holi. “

– Happy Holi 2023

” The heart is a houseful of dreams,
Will it be fulfilled is doubtful,
Everything is wonderful in this world,
But life is colorful with people like you! “

– Happy Holi 2023

Best Holi Quotes in English -: ” Holi Festival “

” Whenever Holi came,
Bring your happiness with you.
brought the gift of colors,
Brought the love of loved ones. “

– Happy Holi 2023

” Whether the color of gulal is blue or red,
The darkest color of my mother’s caress. “

– Happy Holi 2023

” The flowers stopped blooming
the stars stopped shining
Holi has two days left
Then why have you stopped taking bath now? “

– Happy Holi 2023

” Color is scattered in the garden, look everywhere,
This frozen discrimination
does not know to do religion! “

– Happy Holi 2023

” I have heard that Holi is coming.
Gopis, be careful with us.
because we put color on our cheeks
Steals the color of the heart. “

– Happy Holi 2023

” eyeballs of colors,
The group of happiness came.
dish bag,
Play Holi with your loved ones. “

– Happy Holi 2023

FAQs -:

Q. When is Holi 2023?

Ans -: In 2023, Holi will be celebrated on 8th March.

Q. When is Holika Dahan?

Ans -: Holika Dahan is on 7th March.

Q. Whose daughter is Holi?

Ans -: Holi is the daughter of Kashyap Rishi and Diti.

Q. When is the Muhurta for Holika Dahan?

Ans -: The auspicious time for Holika Dahan will be from 06.31 pm to 08.58 pm.

Q. In which month is Holi celebrated?

Ans -: Holi is celebrated every year in the month of Phagun.

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