HDFC Bank gave a big gift to investors, will get strong dividends on every share

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HDFC Bank gave a big gift to investors -:

Stock: The January-March quarter results from HDFC Bank have now been announced. Meanwhile, the bank has also announced a hefty dividend to the shareholders. Due to the mercy of the bank, a dividend of Rs 19 per share will be given to the investors. HDFC Bank had given the final dividend at Rs 15.50 per share in May 2022, about a year before this.

At the same time, it had given a good dividend in June 2021 also, at that time a dividend of Rs 6.50 per share was issued by the bank. In the year 2019, the board of the bank also approved the division of one share into two shares.

Shareholders will get a Dividend on this day -:

HDFC Bank has fixed the date of the dividend on 16th May. This means that if you want a good dividend from HDFC Bank, then you must have shares of this bank in your demat account on the record date.

HDFC Bank Stock Performance -:

Thursday means this week was the last business year. After this, the business of the market remained closed on Friday due to Ambedkar Jayanti. On Thursday, its share price increased by about half a percent and its price closed at Rs.1692. The company is very good, that’s why even in the midst of the sluggishness of the market, its stock has continued to perform very well in the market.

Its stock has seen a huge increase of about 7 percent in a month. Its price has increased by 6 percent in three months and up to 16 percent in one year.


Friends, note that we are not financial advisors, so before investing in HDFC Bank, do think once and invest according to your own risk.

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