Essay on World Environment Day 2023: Speech, Poem, Slogans, Best Quotes, Measures, Date, History, Theme, Causes

Essay on World Environment Day 2023 | When is World Environment Day 2023 celebrated | World Environment Day 2023 Date | Why is World Environment Day celebrated | History of World Environment Day | World Environment Day Theme 2023 | The host country of World Environment Day 2023 | Way to celebrate World Environment Day | World Environment Day Events | Some thoughts on World Environment Day | World Environment Day Quotes | Slogans on World Environment Day | Definition of Environment | What is Environment | Types of environmental pollution | Measures to prevent environmental pollution | Causes of environmental pollution | Environment Pollution Cause | Environmental protection measures | Paryavaran sanrakshan Upay | Environment Poem

Essay on World Environment Day 2023 -:

There is no separation between the environment and man. For instance, if our climate slightly changes, the impact is quickly felt by our bodies. We become chilled in extreme cold, and we become unbearably heated in extreme heat.

Essay on World Environment Day 2023: Speech, Poem, Slogans, Best Quotes, Measures, Date, History, Theme, Causes

The loss will also be substantial if we assume that this applies to the entire human race. Examples of this include the catastrophes that occurred in the past, such as the floods in Kedar Nath and the barrier in Assam.

NameWorld Environment Day 2023
Beginningin 1974
The theme in the year 2023Biodiversity
(Beat Plastic Pollution)
Ecosystem RestorationPakistan (in 2022)
Objectiveprotecting the environment

When is World Environment Day 2023 celebrated (World Environment Day 2023 Date) -:

Every year, it is observed from June 5 to June 16. (5th June TO 16th June). Nowadays, trees are planted everywhere, and numerous environmental projects are completed. It gives the fifth of June extra significance. The 50th anniversary of World Environment Day is 5 June 2023.

Why is World Environment Day celebrated?

The environment is as important to human life as breathing. Because if there is no environment then how will life breathe? Today every human being should try to keep the environment balanced at his level. because a severe issue like environmental contamination is beyond the ability of any one group to solve. No regulation or law can be put in place to solve this issue. Only if everyone considers its negative impacts as well as how it will affect future generations will it be feasible to eradicate it.

History of World Environment Day (Beginning) -:

After receiving an agreement from the UN General Assembly, World Environment Day was established in 1974. It took two years for the discussion to begin, even though it was first brought up in 1972. Likewise, June 5, 1974, was observed as the first World Environment Day. In each sense, a different theme has been used to celebrate it. It has been commemorated in a novel manner for the past 6 or 7 years. The day is commemorated by holding events around the world wherever a nation is a host.

World Environment Day Theme 2023 -:

Every year World Environment Day is celebrated with some theme or the other, and this theme is specially meant to draw attention to any one concern about the environment. In the year 2021, the theme is ‘Biodiversity‘ (Beat Plastic Pollution).

The host country of World Environment Day 2023 -:

World Environment Day is celebrated all over the world to spread awareness among the people about the environment. That’s why every year one country takes responsibility, and then the official ceremony is organized there. The focus on the host country helps address environmental challenges. This year i.e. in 2021, Pakistan is the host country to celebrate World Environment Day.

Way to celebrate World Environment Day (World Environment Day Events) -:

The Chinese government has committed to hosting World Environment Day celebration events in several cities, with Hang Hou in Zhejiang Province hosting the main event. Through these programs, China will motivate people to reduce the death rate due to air pollution and save their lives.

Every year due to air pollution, people are dying because of not taking pure air. And this figure is increasing day by day. In such a situation, World Environment Day is celebrated every year to urge governments, industries, and individuals to improve air quality in cities and regions around the world by finding new energy and green technologies. And this is also the main purpose of celebrating this day every year.

Some thoughts on World Environment Day, Shayari (World Environment Day Quotes) -:

  1. Water is H2O, which is 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen, but it also has a third element that makes it water and no one knows what it is.
  2. Earth is our mother, she will love us forever even if we harm our mother.
  3. Environmentally friendly cars will soon become a choice as well as a necessity.
  4. There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth, we are all crew.
  5. Nature is painting for us, showing pictures of infinite beauty every day.
  6. It is not pollution that is harming the environment, it is the impurities in our air and water that are doing it.
  7. It is our duty to preserve the beauty of the environment.
  8. There is a skin of the earth that has many diseases, one of these diseases is called human.
  9. If civilization has risen from the Stone Age, it may re-emerge from the age of scrap paper.
  10. It is not the sun that dries the plants to death but it is the man who slowly kills the trees.

Slogans on World Environment Day -:

  1. Global Warming: We have a solution, stop pollution.
  2. Save the environment, by which you will be able to save your life and future.
  3. There is capacity in the world for man’s needs, but not for man’s greed.
  4. Start today… be safe tomorrow. Clean up our climate. 5. Stopping pollution is the best solution.
  5. The environment is a reward for us, keep it clean and safe.
  6. The environment is everything, don’t spoil it.
  7. Adopt greenery, but leave bad habits.
  8. Work together to bring happy weather.
  9. Consume plants, not food: Don’t cut trees and forests.
  10. Make the environment your friend, not your enemy.
  11. Earth is our home, and the environment is its roof, keep both safe.
  12. Don’t compromise with the greenery, it is the soul of the environment.
  13. Greenery is a natural sight, keep it forever.
  14. Celebrate World Environment Day every day, and plant a tree to prevent environmental health hazards.

Definition of Environment / What is Environment (Environment Definition)?

The environment simply refers to our immediate surroundings, all of their constituent materials, and the species that reside there. We encompass everything around us, including the air, land, and water, as well as the creatures, birds, trees, and other vegetation.

It is worth noting that environment does not mean only the physical environment around us, but our social and practical environment is also included in it. Social, cultural, economic, biological, physical, etc. all the elements present around the human being which affects the human being is included in its environment.

Types of environmental pollution -:

  • Water pollution
  • Land pollution
  • Air pollution
  • Noise pollution

Measures to prevent environmental pollution -:

  • Population Control
  • Factories being away from the city and increasing the height of the chimney.
  • Put good oil in two-wheelers, so that they do not emit black smoke.
  • Do more tree plantation.
  • Put the garbage in its container

Causes of environmental pollution (Environment Pollution Cause) -:

If seen, there are many reasons for environmental pollution. Small, thoughtless actions done by us can be the cause of environmental pollution. Here we are highlighting some of the main activities -:

Industrial Activity -:

Industrial activity means the waste coming out of man-made industries (factory) pollutes our environment. But it is also not possible that in this race of development, we ignore our development to keep our environment safe. But we can save our environment from more harm by taking care of some things.

We can also avoid air pollution by making the chimneys of the factories high and there are many standards that have been set for the factories, by following them environmental pollution can be controlled to a great extent. But if any negligence is done by any factory then its dire consequences come to the fore, Bhopal gas tragedy is an example of this.

Pollution caused by vehicle smoke -:

Nowadays, more vehicles are present in the house than the number of members in the house. The small child of the house also likes to ride a car apart from the cycle. In today’s era, if someone is seen walking on the road, then people look at him with surprise, fearing to keep their health right, people go on morning walks, but if those same people are asked to go to the office on foot, then They’ll never be ready.

I would like to tell such people that it is your duty to take care of your health as well as the health of the environment. If you cannot walk, then at least keep in mind that use clean fuel in your vehicles so that less smoke comes out and the environment is less polluted.

Urban Reason and Modernization -:

Urbanization and modernization are the main causes of environmental pollution. It has become common for humans to ignore the environment in the race for their comfort. Man is cutting trees without thinking. An example of this was seen in my own city when the officials present here destroyed the green gardens to make the city beautiful and cut the trees which have become the identity of the city without thinking.

But they probably forget that the air necessary for our life is obtained from these trees only. Along with small trees, cutting big forests is also common these days, but those who cut forests forget that along with the cutting of forests, they take away the habitat of many living beings.

Population Density -:

The increasing population is also the main reason for environmental pollution. In a country where the population is increasing continuously, the problem of living and eating is also increasing continuously and human beings do not give any importance to the environment for their comforts, but they forget that without the environment, their comforts will not last for some time. Only for.

Environmental protection measures (Paryavaran sanrakshan Upay) -:

By the way, there is no such fast technology, so environmental pollution can be controlled immediately. But man can definitely reduce this problem with his small struggle. Here we would like to tell you some things, taking care which environmental pollution can be controlled -:

  • It is not possible to pick up the factories which have been established to date and shift them to some other place, but now it is necessary for the government to keep in mind that the new factories which are opened should be away from the city. The pollution done by them should not affect the people of the city.
  • Man should control pollution done by him as much as possible, like reducing the use of vehicles where possible, some contribution can be made to reducing this problem by using public transport. Our scientists should also think in this direction on how to control this harmful smoke.
  • Severe punishment should be given for the felling of forests and the person planting new trees should be rewarded.
  • If it can be done by refreshing the harmful substances of factories, then ESA should be done.

Environment Poem -:

Tree cutters cut down
what did you think for a moment
they ruined a bird’s house
what did you think for a moment
they uprooted the earth’s stronghold
How many acres, they became barren
The scene of the weather shook in a moment
Do not disrespect the environment,
it’s a disgrace to the earth
Every tree, plant, and animal,
respect this earth
If you play with the balance,
So there is only deep darkness in the future.

If you want to survive then you must celebrate this day. You must plant at least one tree or sapling on this day. With this, you and your other creatures will also be able to survive on this earth.

FAQs -:

Q. What is World Environment Day 2023?

Ans -: It is a day celebrated to inspire people to protect the environment.

Q. When is World Environment Day 2023?

Ans -: From 5th June to 16th June

Q. What is the main purpose of World Environment Day?

Ans -: To protect the environment. (Beat Plastic Pollution)

Q. What do you do on World Environment Day?

Ans -: Let’s take a pledge to protect the environment and plant trees. (Beat Plastic Pollution)

Q. When did World Environment Day start?

Ans -: Since 1974.

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