Delhi Weather Update 2023: Heat will be more disturbing till May 16, temperature will remain beyond 40, chances of rain end on 12-13

Delhi Weather Update 2023 -:

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According to the Meteorological Department, now the temperature will start rising from Thursday. It will also be partly cloudy but the heat will be hot.

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Scorching sun and heat have knocked in Delhi. There will be no respite from the heat from May 12 to 16. During this, the temperature will increase by three to five degrees and reach between 4142 degrees.

The temperature in Delhi has not yet started rising as per May. For this reason, there is relief, but the sun has started bothering. On Wednesday, the maximum temperature in Delhi was three notches below normal at 36.7 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature was four notches below normal at 20.9 degrees Celsius. The highest maximum temperature of 39.3 degree Celsius was recorded in Najafgarh. Pitampura and Pusa Road recorded 38.9 degrees Celsius.

According to the Meteorological Department, now the temperature will start rising from Thursday. It will also be partly cloudy but the heat will be hot. Till a couple of days ago, the department had predicted drizzle on 12-13, but now this forecast has changed. Dusty wind will blow at a speed of 25-30 kmph on 13th. From May 12 to 16, the temperature will be above normal to 41-42 degrees Celsius. Along with this, the minimum temperature will also increase.

Zoo’s wild animals cooled down in AC-cooler -:

The administration is gearing up to save the animals from the heat in the Delhi Zoo. There are arrangements for wildlife from cooler to AC. At the same time, their diet is also being given special attention. Where cucumber, cucumber, watermelon have been included in the food of vegetarian wildlife. While the amount of meat in the food of carnivorous wildlife has been reduced. The zoo administration is trying to provide relief to the animals from the heat.

There is an arrangement of AC in the snake house of the zoo. On the other hand, to protect many wild animals including tigers, deer, lions and bears from the heat, coolers and sprinklers have been installed in their enclosures. More than 90 coolers and around 250 sprinklers have been installed in the wild animal enclosures. Along with this, lawn nets have also been installed to provide shade to the wild animals from the scorching sun.

The zoo administration says that water sprinkling is being done from time to time to keep the enclosures cool and moist in summer. Wildlife is bathed in the morning and evening. Proper water arrangements have been made in the ponds in the enclosures of tigers and elephants.

Bear is eating mango, elephant is cooling its stomach with watermelon

In the zoo, the amount of meat from the food of lion, tiger, leopard, bear and other carnivorous wildlife has been reduced from 12 to 10 kg as compared to winter. Apart from this, the amount of meat given to wolves, hyenas and jackals has also been reduced due to the heat.

Similarly, seasonal fruits are being given to the bears in the afternoon. Which includes many fruits including watermelon, banana, papaya, mango, seasonal, pear. In such a situation, someone likes to eat watermelon, while someone likes to eat mango.

In order that there is no shortage of water in the body of wildlife, they are being given seasonal things to eat. In this, mainly fruits and vegetables are being given. Not only this, animals are being given glucose dissolved in water. Zoo Range Officer Saurabh Vashisht said that in view of the heat, special care is being taken for the food and drink of the wildlife.

Liquid food is being given to the wild animals to avoid dehydration. In view of the increasing heat, special arrangements have been made for the animals. Akanksha Mahajan, Director, Zoo.

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