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CISF Raising Day 2023 -:

March 10 is celebrated as CISF Raising Day (CISF Raising Day). In the year 2023, the 54th Foundation Day is being celebrated.

  • CISF Raising Day (CISF) -: 54th CISF Raising Day will be celebrated on 10 March in India. The Central Industrial Security Force, also known as CISF is one of the six paramilitary forces of India. CISF comes under the purview of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The headquarters of CISF is located in Delhi and it is a Central Armed Police Force for the country. CISF was established in the year 1969. Since then every year in India March 10 is celebrated as CISF Raising Day.

In this article, we will tell you about CISF Raising Day. This article has been prepared on the basis of many points, from which you will get all the important information about CISF Raising Day. In this article, you have information about Visik CISF through the point of Central Industrial Security Force Day 2023. Along with this, when CISF Foundation Day is celebrated, we will also inform you about it. Do you have information about when CISF was established, if not then do not worry, we will also answer this question of yours in this article.

You will also get information about why CISF Day is celebrated and how CISF Diwas is celebrated through this article. CISF will tell you about the history of the establishment when it was established, and why you will be told about the whole history. So what is the delay, read this article completely and know everything about CISF Raising Day.

Central Industrial Security Force Day 2023 -:

TopicCISF Raising Day 2023
CISF Raising Day 202310 March
When was CISF established10 March 1969
MinistryHome Ministry
Objectiveprotection of industries
Where is it celebratedIndia
Recurringevery year
Which CISF raising day is in 202354th

History of CISF Establishment (CISF Raising Day History) -:

The Central Intelligence Agency (CISF) was established on March 10, 1969, following the passage of an Act in Parliament. Another Act of Parliament established the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) in 1983 as an armed force of India. It was signed into law on 15 June 1983. Every year on March 10, CISF Raising Day is celebrated in honor of the raising day of the Central Industrial Security Force. International Day of CISF raises awareness about the seriousness of security required by important industrial enterprises and sectors.

To ensure smooth productivity and a safe environment for people, industrial sites like nuclear facilities, airlines, hydroelectric dams, historical monuments, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, and many more need CISF security. CISF aims to provide better security and protection to industrial enterprises in the country including public and private sectors. The Central Intelligence Agency consists of 12 reserve regiments and eight training institutes.

When is CISF Raising Day celebrated? (CISF Raising Day 2023)

The Central Industrial Security Force (C.I.S.F) is a Central Armed Police Force in India. It was established under an Act of the Parliament of India on 10 March 1969 with a strength of 2,800. The CISF was later made an armed force of the Republic of India by another Act of Parliament passed on 15 June 1983. Since then, CISF Foundation Day has been celebrated every year on 10 March. It may be noted that at present its sanctioned strength is 142,526 personnel. It is under the Union Ministry of Home Affairs and its headquarter is located in New Delhi. 300 industrial facilities and other businesses are protected by the CISF throughout India.

Central Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) owned and controlled such as nuclear power plants, space establishments, mints, oil fields and refineries, major ports, heavy engineering, steel plants, barrages, fertilizer units, airports, and hydroelectric/thermal power plants Industrial areas come under the protection of CISF. At the same time, the currency note presses producing Indian currency are also guarded by the CISF.

When was CISF established?

On March 10, 1969, an act was approved by the Indian Parliament, creating the CISF. The CISF was established under the CISF Act with three battalions. The Central Industrial Security Forces were established to protect industrial establishments in the country. The CISF was made an armed force by a separate Act of Parliament, which was passed on June 15, 1983.

The duty of CISF includes providing better security and protecting sensitive establishments and other important facilities of the government. As we have already told you that CISF provides security to more than 300 industrial units and government infrastructure projects across the country. It also provides consultancy services to private industries and other organizations within the Government of India. A few CISF battalions assist the police in upholding law and order. The CISF’s fire wing provides assistance when industrial accidents occur.

Why is CISF Day celebrated?

Why CISF Day is celebrated Now the question comes, let us tell you that CISF Day raises awareness about the seriousness of security required for important industrial enterprises and sectors. Along with this, CISF Day is also celebrated to honor CISF personnel. This day is also celebrated to spread awareness among people about how important CISF is for the country.

Significantly, CISF aims to provide better security and protection to industrial enterprises in the nation including private and public sectors. It also plays a major role in disaster management. CISF has a ‘Fire Wing’ which helps during fire accidents in industries where CISF guards.

How is CISF Diwas celebrated?

CISF personnel are honored with medals for their selfless service and a parade is also organized by the officers. Special strike demonstrations and martial arts demonstrations are also organized on this day. CISF Raising Day is celebrated to raise awareness among citizens and educate them to cooperate with CISF personnel to protect major institutions. It is also conveyed to the people on this day that cooperation with CISF personnel is extremely important to ensure peace and security in the country. On CISF Raising Day CISF officers celebrate the day with a parade.

What is the job in CISF?

To provide security to various PSUs and other critical infrastructure facilities. Protecting government infrastructure projects and industrial units. Apart from providing safety, security, and protection to industrial undertakings/establishments, CISF constables also provide protection against fire hazards.

What happens first in CISF Head Constable?

Is there a physical test in CISF Head Constable Recruitment? Physical Standard Test or PST is the first stage of the CISF Head Constable selection process.

FAQs -:

Q. When is the raising day of CISF?

Ans -: The raising day of CISF is celebrated on 10 March

Q. When will CISF celebrate its 54th Raising Day?

Ans -: CISF will celebrate its 54th Raising Day on March 10, 2023

Q. Who is the Director General of CISF?

Ans -: Mr. Sheel Vardhan Singh is the Director General of CISF.

Q. What is the full name of CISF and what is it called in Hindi?

Ans -: The full name of CISF is Central Industrial Security Forces, which is known as Kendriya Industrial Security Force in Hindi.

Q. Where is the headquarters of CISF?

Ans -: The headquarters of CISF is in New Delhi.

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