Chat GPT not working: Know why the error comes about Chat GPT

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Chat GPT not working -:

Recently chat GPT is becoming quite popular and it came in the month of November 2022. But in recent times, users are facing problems like Chat GPT not working. Many people want to open Chat GPT but they are facing problems like Chat GPT, not opening.

Where on the one hand many people are using Chat GPT, then some people are facing problems like Chat GPT not working. Now it is to be seen whether chat GPT is working in today’s time or not, let us know about it.

Why is Chat GPT not working?

According to the month of February of the year 2023, let me tell you that Chat GPT is not working. According to the information, Chat GPT is currently closed and we cannot use it now. When Chat GPT was officially launched in different countries, many people were using Chat GPT. Chat GPT made the work easy and we will talk about its features in another article. There was a lot of discussion about Chat GPT on the internet and at that time Chat GPT was working, but now the Chat GPT dashboard is not opening.

Why is Chat GPT not opening?

A few days back chat GPT platform was not working. For example, the feature of accessing Chat GPT was not available on the website earlier. After that, when the signup feature was available to create an account, people wanted to create an account and use Chat GPT. But the page itself is not opening i.e. Chat GPT dashboard itself is not opening.

Is this a problem or has the company kept the page closed, the company has not shared any information about it with anyone on the internet. As soon as Chaat GPT will start working properly, we will update its information immediately in the coming time, we will put it in this article inside this blog, whose notification you will get.

Chat GPT website not working -:

Talking about the present time, the website named which had to be visited to use chat GPT, the main dashboard of the website is also not opening. This chat GPT could be used by going to the dashboard itself. Sometimes the website itself did not open chat GPT because a lot of people were visiting the website due to which the website was crashing again and again.

The website of the company making Chat GPT crashes only a few times and not continuously. Even if we click on the signup button after visiting the website named, sometimes the page does not open. This problem will be solved soon in the coming time and you will get its notification.

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