ATM User Bad News 2023: Big shock to ATM holders, new rules for withdrawal of money apply across the country

ATM User Bad News 2023 -:

If your bank account is in any Indian bank, and you have an ATM in your account, then this news can be important for you, because at present, new rules have been implemented for ATM card users by most of the banks. , After which this can be bad news for many people. Know immediately which new rules have been implemented by which bank.

ATM User Bad News -:

Till now, no fee was charged for withdrawing money from ATM, the available facility was free, but recently this facility has been changed by the banks, due to which most of the common citizens are going to face trouble, because now The bank will charge Rs 20 to 22 from all ATM card holders. These charges may vary from bank to bank.

Rules changed in which bank?

First of all, SBI Bank has the largest number of account holders in India, so if you have an available bank account, then you will have an ATM, so now you will not be charged any kind of money for withdrawing money 3 times, but if you withdraw more than 3 paise from ATM, then you will have to pay a charge of Rs 10 and if you withdraw money from any other bank ATM, then you may have to pay Rs 20 along with GST.

  • PNB Bank -: 3 transactions are free in the available bank, after which an additional charge of Rs 20, and 5 transactions will be free in non-metro cities, after which the charge will be deducted in the subsequent transaction.
  • HDFC Bank -: In the available bank, you get the facility to withdraw money 5 times for free, in such a case, for withdrawing more than 5 times, Rs 20 and Rs 18 GST will be charged.
  • ICICI Bank -: 5 transactions are available free in a month from ICICI ATM.
  • Axis Bank -: 5 free financial transactions per month from Axis Bank ATMs, 3 free financial and 3 non-financial transactions in metro cities.

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